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  1. Thanks very much. Airac cycle 1802. I should know about that but does 18 mean 2018 ? and 02 February ? If yes, it's outdated Except subscribing to Navigraph or similar provider, is there a way to get a more recent cycle ?
  2. Hi, Back again in the Sim World. Just hope you're doing fine ! Congratulations for the "new" EFB v2 I've just discovered Which AIRAC cycle is provided with EFB v2 I'm planning to buy ? I did not find that kind of info in the installation manual The AIRAC Cycle supplied with the basic installation is not the most recent one, however it is included to provide full functionality of EFB J.Louis EFB v1 customer since a long time P3D v1, v2, v3
  3. Hi, Back again in the Sim World. Just hope you're doing fine ! Congratulations for the "new" release 1.6.14 Just installed latest EFB versions Both P3D platforms installed P3D v2 + P3D v3.4 When paths (DP settings) pointing to P3D v2 everything working OK aircraft is showing on the moving map When paths pointing to P3D v3.4 aircraft is not showing ? Simconnect status switching from active to inactive with P3D v3.4 in pause mode What do I miss ? I've just forgotten Best regards Please just ignore the above question : unchecking the "Pause on task switch" box (Options/Settigs/General) makes the aircraft showing in P3D v3.4
  4. Happy New Year to all of you Salut Urs, This morning a warning message never seen before AFIAK : "Could not draw the profile view for procedure LOWK ILS Runway 28R (KI) because of : Elements count <2" AIRAC 1413 Best regards
  5. Salut Urs, LFSB rwy 33 is available (not greyed out) but the LFSB apch proc selection to rwy 33 is just showing that there is no apch available ? from SID&STARS/LFSB.txt file : APPROACHES APPROACH ILSX33 FIX CI33X 5700 FIX FI33X 5700 RNW 33 FIX OVERFLY BLM AT OR ABOVE 1290 TRK 243 INTERCEPT RADIAL 273 TO FIX ALTIK SPEED 220 FIX ALTIK 5500 FAF FI33X MAP RNW 33 TRANSITION ALTIK FIX ALTIK TURN RIGHT DIRECT FIX OVERFLY D262T TURN RIGHT DIRECT FIX OVERFLY D273Q FIX OVERFLY D229Q FIX D194P FIX D298P 7000 TRK 118 UNTIL 0.7 FROM FIX D298P airport info : P3Dv2\Scenery\0601\scenery\APX50150.bgl AIRAC 1004 default scenery What could be wrong ? Thanks
  6. Bonjour Urs, I can confirm that runways.txt file is located on the DP's PC, but on a different drive : DP : E:\Program Files (x86)\AivlaSoft\EFB runways.txt : C:\Users\Jean-Louis\Documents\AivlaSoft\EFB\UserData an the LGKO entry : LGKO 15 14 LGKO 33 32 is unique in the runways.txt file My last attempt was to delete the 2 lines above and to make a new LGKO entry. Bingo ! the DU is now showing runway 32 instead of 33. There was for sure something wrong in the former LGKO 33 32 entry, maybe an extra-space, I did not suspect the first time. Thanks for your kind assistance
  7. Salut et merci Urs, - did you install a third party scenery for LGKO or did you add a replacement AFCAD file? NO - did you run the scenery update YES - which file name is indicated at the airports information dialog : E:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Simulator X\Scenery\0602\scenery\APX55180.bgl FSX is the currently selected sim (DU settings) AIRAC 1403 Thanks again
  8. Salut Urs, from my runway.txt file located C:\Users\Jean-Louis\Documents\AivlaSoft\EFB\UserData : LGKO 15 14 LGKO 33 32 from LGKO.txt located E:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Simulator X\Aivlasoft\SIDSTARS RNWS RNW 14 RNW 32 ENDRNWS but the DU is showing that LGKO runways are 14/33 33 is greyed out when selecting SID or STAR or APCH what could be wrong ? Best regards DU 19605 DP 19608
  9. Yes, I confirm I'm mainly using Active Sky 2012 (REX Overdrive is installed but I use it for textures only) Could that be related with repeated DU disconnections on the remote laptop ? What do you think about dear Urs ? Happy new year 2014 to all of you
  10. Salut Urs, I'm currently experiencing incessant disconnections on my remote laptop. The DP settings have not been changed (Timeout values are all set to 10). The messages I can read on the DP window are : - warning : connection to terminated caused by Timeout SND - warning : connection to terminated caused by Timeout SND (repeated) - info : new connection from accepted : this last message is repeated many times, approx every minute. see https://www.dropbox.com/s/rlj1t4hm38s0btv/DP.pdf What should I do ? what should I change ? to avoid those multiple disconnections. Thanks and happy new year to you all. latest version 1.5 installed and running on both PCs
  11. Salut Urs, [...] Interface to the simulators will be FSUIPC (no longer SimConnect) Fine ! but what kind of FSUIPC ? registered version or not ? What about WIDEFS, required or not ? Just hope your batteries are now at high-level... Bon courage pour la suite. Cordialement
  12. Bonjour Urs, From the changelog : Version 1.3.10 FIXED: (Online/IVAO, VATSIM) Not all active ATC services are depicted on chart Fine ! Just a question : "WebEye" that is now replacing "The Eye", is the tool which allows you to view who is online on the IVAO network. It is a web-based tool based on HTML5 and Javascript. What should I use as the correct path to point to the Ivao data folder (DU/Online tab) to replace C:\Program Files (x86)\IVAO\The Eye\data Merci Jean-Louis
  13. Salut et merci Marc for the info and the link provided ! On the MMG site I can read : "In January 2013, Johannesburg has changed its ICAO code from FAJS to FAOR. We have made a patch that will patch the ICAO code of our Johannesburg International Airport package from FAJS to FAOR. We have made patches available for the older FSX Johannesburg International Airport and for the new NMG Johannesburg International Airport 2012 package. Please make sure you get the right version for your package as the patch is version specific" I understand there are 2 patches available. As I don't plan to buy the Johannesbourg scenery airport you're talking about which one should I choose : - FSX Johannesburg International Airport FAJS to FAOR Patch ? - FSX Johannesburg International Airport Patch V3.2 , As they say on the MMG site/download section, both are for the Flight Simulator X version of Johannesburg International ONLY. That is not clear enough ! Cordialement
  14. Salut Urs, If you can't, I will answer this question by myself, no need to ask Navigraph : after checking the Aivlasoft/SIDSTARS folder content I can say a new Airac cycle like the lastest one published (AIRAC 1303), mean each airport .txt is updated with the mention : //AIRAC Cycle : 1303 (07/MAR/2013 - 03/APR/2013) - Ver.1 whatever there was change(s) or not ! This is perfectly normal ! and moreover it's a quick way to check the current airport.tx is up-to-date i.e matches the latest AIRAC cycle Best regards
  15. My last question should have been : does a new Airac cycle like the last one published, mean each airport is updated with the mention : //AIRAC Cycle : 1303 (07/MAR/2013 - 03/APR/2013) - Ver.1 in the header, even when there is no change at all ?
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