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  1. Hi JappV, I have the same EFB-generated RTE files as you. I don't have the PMDG 737 (only the JS4100 and 747) so it may take me quite some time to align the differences in the formats. With regards,
  2. I'm sorry, but I've no idea where that is. If you like, you could post a small screenshot from PlanG to give us an idea where it's at. If you could post us other data from either PlanG or Pete Dowson's MakeRwys about this airport (BGL path names could be helpful) we would be happy to investigate.
  3. John, At some urging from our contact with PMDG, we disabled the ability to save procedure information for these routes. They strongly want their Captains to enter the procedures at "flight time" and not beforehand.
  4. Charles, Yes - currently we default to the closest "DME navaid" but I know what you are writing and it does seem more sound. I will work on a simple algorithm that would try and identify such "aligned VOR VOR/DME" navaids.... Yes I am certain that some approaches would need some sort of manual identification of some approach / navaid pairing. Urs and I have discussed such from the early days of EFB 2 planning, and we hope to include / allow for this in an early release of EFB 2. Regards,
  5. I see several references to "differences" and that makes me think that Urs needs to check on this. He could also use your DataProvider logfile to look for connection details there. Regards,
  6. Ben, I've only tried this on my native W7 installation, but this route works okay for me - EGKK LAM4M LAM N57 WELIN T420 TNT DAYN2A EGCC. My W10 "work PC" is being upgraded so I'm without it for a day....
  7. Edward, I will check this on my next test flight... perhaps in six to eight hours....
  8. Brian, I can make a flight to there (UK2000 EG2C) just fine. If you have updated your scenery database, then when you pull up the Airport Information tab you should see the path to the left of the "Close" button. And if you don't see a path there, "double click" in the grey area and it should appear.
  9. Ray, EFB 2 (yes, which has been promised "for forever" ) will do away with that.
  10. It looks fine from here - please try again.... Regards,
  11. Ben, Urs will have to be the answering authority on this. Please provide us (either in the forum or in email) the route string that you want to use, along with the navdata provider and the AIRAC cycle & revision. Regards,
  12. Brian, From where does your EG2C (or is it EGC2?) scenery come from? EFB only uses the IDs that are baked into the scenery files. I have a UK2000 EG2C scenery that displays this airport. Have you updated your scenery cache??
  13. Charles, The best of regards to you as well.... Please know that EFB V2 was planned to be release several years ago, so as we say in the USA "Don't hold your breath in waiting for it." Seriously, please let us know the route string that you were planning on following and then we can then study it and possibly learn and adapt. Regards,
  14. Gérard, Très bien! Bonne voler!! (I hope that translates as good as I intended it to be....)
  15. Pauga, Thank you kindly for your post - we do not yet have P3D3, so we have not yet tested EFB with it, so we are very happy to read of your success. No - it does not!!! You and everyone is free and welcome to use EFB with any flight simulator. If anyone could manage to have EFB work with any other flight simulator, we would be most happy to know of it. We can only claim that EFB will work with the simulators which we have made EFB work with.... (Btw, KVPS is in "my old stomping grounds" - hope you had a good flight there!) Regards,
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