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  1. Hallo Oskar It works 100% (Demo version), the server connected to my WIFI and the client (Lenovo Laptop with touchscreen) also on my WIFI. Server specs: . Micro Tower : Fractal Define Mini C mATX . Power supply: Seasonic Focus Plus Gold 550W . CPU Intel Core i7-9700K 8, LGA 1151 3.6 GHz/Turbo 4.9GHz . Kühler : Noctua NH-U12A . Mainboard : ASUS ROG Maximus XI Gene . Memory : 2x16GB Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4-3000 DIMM288 . SSD : onboard M.2 Western Digital SN750 1TB M.2 2280 . GPU : ZOTAC RTX 2070 Turbo 8GB . Joy: Logitech G Saitek X52 Pro . Input: Logitech Wireless Combo MK330 . Windows: 10-64 Home D . Monitor: Samsung U32J590 32“ 3840x2160 Urs and Oscar, thanks. Peter
  2. Hi Back now in flightsim after 3 years I mounted a brandnew PC and installed the newest version of P3D. This PC has only a WIFI conection to my Swisscom router (no ethernet cable) and workes fine. Now I would like to install EFB2 on this PC (server) and the client on a Lenovo laptop who is also only conected to the router via WIFI. Does EFB2 work with a "only" WIFI configuration (client and server)? Both PCs have the latest Windows 10-64 version. Thanks Peter
  3. Hi Urs I am back in flightsim, remember me? Do you intend to adapt EFB for the upcoming FS2020? I allready mounted a brandnew PC for flightsim 2020 and waiting for a pre-alpha version of the new MS Flight Simulator; I registered and waiting for feedback. Thanks, see you in november in Hergiswil. Peter
  4. Hi Gert Wenn Du es genau wissen willst: Prepar3d V. Gruss ​Peter
  5. Hi No problems with actual Version of EFB and P3D 3.2.3. ​Peter
  6. Hi all Sorry, I am a Dummy; i forgot to switch ON the "Traffic" button on the ground chart! ​Peter
  7. Hi ​Using Prepar3d V.3.1 without any AI-addon, only the inbuilt AI-traffic of the Prepar3d. ​Settings/Charts/Traffic: Show AI / Multiplayer traffic (FSX generated) is checked. But no AI-planes displayed on ground chart. Does it only work with FSX? Thanks ​Peter
  8. Hi Urs (using the actual Beta 1.3.7-2) I also had the same problem two days ago with EDDF, but I did not realize and was thinking that I myself made an error and continued flying!! Maybee you give us Beta Testers an updated Beta Version to test this. Peter
  9. Hi Jean Claude Do you know this program to use your iPad as a monitor: http://www.maxivista.com/ipad-as-a-second-monitor.htm Peter
  10. Hi Andy Sorry, I did not see your post. Anyway, I think its fine. Peter
  11. Hi (Just for your information) When you are using EFB Display Unit (or mail / Internet Explorer and ...) on the same PC as FSX you have the problem that when you switch to the Display Unit, the FSX sound goes off. Solution ist Flight1 SoundStream! Flight1 Soundstream is a FSX module (15 US$) that enables FSX when running together with another program on the same computer (e.g. EFB, Mail, Internet Explorer) maintains the FSX-sound running (in the background) even when you are working with the mouse in e.g. EFB. I downloaded the programm and it works perfect together with EFB, mail, Internet Explorer. Peter EFB Beta Tester
  12. Hallo Felix (and Urs) I mailed the two decompressed files to Felix; its OK now. The .rar files have to be decompressed by a programm which you can download from the internet (e.g. WinRar); have a look with Google "unpack .rar files" and you will find this unpacker! Peter
  13. Hi Jean-Louis and Urs I am running EFB (Beta 1.3) on a Win7-64 with SP1 and have no problems; the Display Unit is on a second Win-XP PC. Peter
  14. Norbert The Level-D 767 has his own flightplan (.rte). Flightplans are saved in this datatype when you create a flightplan with the LDS FMC. I am planning my flights with VROUTE Premium; there you have a export function to the LDS. Peter
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