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  1. Hi Cyrano, Bug738, JET 1, I'm still trying to reproduce the problem ... but it runs without error I did it on XP, Vista and Win7 with no problems. Some questions which might help me the get closer to the problem: - what is the language of the operating system on the several computers - what is the language settings in 'Control Panel' - which AIRAC cycle is installed (already 0912?) - could you send me the logfiles, which might be found as follows:'Windows-Start-Menu' > All Programs > AivlaSoft > EFB > Logfiles Thank you for cooperation and a big SORRY for the inconvenience.
  2. Hi, I just tried to share the AppData folder on my Win7 system and it works fine. But this could be due to the Ultimate edition which runs on my computer? What edition of Windows7 is installed on your computers? As a workaround you may do the following: - copy all the eleven files (a-k.efb) from the DataProviders machine to a local folder on the DisplayUnit machine. - open the settings of the DisplayUnit and goto 'Folders and Links'. Insert the path of the local folder into the textbox called 'Provider data folder'. It should work then. Attention: This is a workaround and is not intended for long term use. After a scenery update on the FSX computer and after the mandatory 'FSX scenery data update', these files on the DisplayUnit machine are out of date which might crash the DisplayUnit.
  3. Hi, thanks for reporting this. You're right, it was a bug. It has been fixed, please see the following screenshot: All the procedure relevant data comes from Navigraph. In the screenshot you might see that I've written the procedure information (blue text) like the way it comes from Navigraph. Unfortunately it doesn't contain any information about the initial climb altitude.
  4. The current version of the EFB is only using the 'SimConnect-Interface' but not FSUIPC.
  5. Hi, Just to keep you informed what's going on: 1) The problem with the scenery files could have been analyzed. Thanks to Peter for cooperation and sending me all the files. The problem may occur only under certain circumstances and will be fixed with the next version. 2) Time synchronizing: It seems that FSX tends to a reload as soon as the gap between the FSX internal time and the system time is too big when setting the time/date. Don't have a solution yet, but still testing around. Stay tuned ...
  6. Dear Sir, it's a great honour to me that you compare the EFB for FSX with a real one which you have seen on a video from JustPlanes. But I'm afraid it's not exactly the same. The EFB which you can get from this website is an add-on to the Microsoft Flight Simulator FSX but not for a real B777. Nevertheless it's a great product A detailed description of the all the features you can read here: http://www.aivlasoft.com/products/efb The fully functional EFB software for FSX can be tested without any obligation and for free within a limited period of 30 days. Just download and install it. IMHO this is the best evaluation you can do.
  7. Peter, first I would like to thank you for analyzing the problem. It's hard to believe that the EFB doesn't use the *.bgl files with the highest layer. We did many tests with a lot of add-on scenery and we never recognized similar problems. But in any doubt ... the customer is always right Can you please do the following: 1) run the 'FSX scenery data update' function from the DataProviders menu. This will create all the indexes from scratch. It might take some minutes. 2) After the DataProvider has been restarted, restart the DisplayUnit too. Then check whether the DisplayUnit shows you the gates and the ILS28 from the FSDreamteam scenery. 3) Please send me all the logfiles and the scenery.cfg to 'support@aivlasoft.com'. The logfiles can be found in the following folder: 'Windows-Start-Menu > All Programs > AivlaSoft > EFB > Logfiles. The scenery.cfg can be found: Vista: C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\FSX XP-English: C:\Documents and Settings\[user Name]\Application Data\Microsoft\FSX XP-Deutsch: C:\Dokumente und Einstellungen\[user Name]\Anwendungsdaten\Microsoft\FSX I'm really curious what the reason for this problem is.
  8. Peter, This is optional. Please see the settings of the 'DataProvider' which can be opened from its menu (Extras - Settings). There is an option called 'Synchronize UTC time'. If you uncheck this option the DataProvider will no longer set the system time to FSX. Did you install the FSDreamteam scenery after the first run of the EFB system or before? After every change of the FSX data (e.g. Installation of a new scenery or removing a scenery) you MUST start the Data-Update function. The function can be started from the DataProvider's menu bar (FSX Scenery Data Update). If you don't update the internal data, the DataProvider might crash. It's important to use the 'FSX data update' function after every change of the scenery data. Please see the 'EFB Operation Manual, Section 2, Page 2': Updating FSX data, installing or removing scenery Same as pt. 1 above. The update interval for the UTC time is 5 minutes. If the difference between the FSX internal time and the current system time is too big then the FSX is reloading. hope this helps,
  9. Hagi, not everything that can be READ by FSX must be a real FSX flight plan. As far as I know the FSC 8.5 is creating pure ascii-files, like FS9 is doing. Since FSX is able to read FS9 flight plans you might not recognize that it's not a real FSX flight plan. A flight plan that has been created and then saved by FSX is always saved as an XML-file. The workaround to use FS9 flight plans in EFB is as follows: - open flightplan in FSX flight planner - save the loaded flight plan by the FSX flight planner to get a valid XML file - open the flightplan in EFB Hope this helps.
  10. Hagi, thx for reporting this. I'm sorry for that error. Will be fixed in the next version.
  11. Hagi, it's neither wrong nor right, it's made by design. On big airports the size of this window might be to small. You must resize it once and then the current size will be saved when closing the window. When the window will be opened for the next time it will use the same size than saved before. Because the EFB is designed to be operable on a touch screen too, I tried to avoid using scrollbars where ever it was possible (in my opinion). I guess that I must re-think the design of the taxiway selector for the next version.
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