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  1. When you install or do an update for MSFS it will asked you for the installation path.. that's the same path you need to build the database.
  2. You have to select the Installation folder, if the installation folder is not correct, the Next button will be grayed out. Make sure you select 1 folder up from the community and official folders. this is mine installation folder Alex
  3. No problem here. I've already flown the 787, 320 TBM and BE58. I updated the SIM database for the WU6.
  4. Haven't try it myself, but you could try spacedesk https://www.spacedesk.net
  5. Go to Colors, general, World Map and set World Grid and World Grid coordinates to transparent. that should work.
  6. Hi, I know that the elevation data creating is time consuming, but maybe you guys can implement to also read the elevation from this site https://www.ngdc.noaa.gov/mgg/topo/gltiles.html Elevation info is vital... 😅 thanks Alex
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