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  1. Thank you , so that 's it because when I put only the departure and arrival it does the calculation well ,I made a flight now and it was straight, Thank you so much
  2. Hi, someone with the problem of when inserted the flight plan by simbrief sometimes the distance and Time begins to increase relative to the arrival as it is in the image I started the flight missing 880 NM and at this time is missing 929 NM, strange but it happens when I enter by simbrief Moved to proper forum by Admin
  3. Hi, since I want to thank you, now with update #128 was good, thank you
  4. Hello I think this is what I wanted, here I leave the prints of IVAO and VATSIM who is working 100%
  5. Moved to proper forum by Admin After the online update 2.2 #127 IVAO does not work
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