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  1. Hy, stopping by just to give my impression of the Aivla EFB v2 ?! Perfect system! very useful, easy to use, complete information, very good synchronization with simbrief, vatsim, ivao, msfs2020! Not to mention the perfect support that was given in the installation and start of operation! Very grateful, receive my congratulations!

    1. lonewulf47


      Hi Ricardo,

      Thank you very much for your kind words about EFB2! I must say however that my main task within AivlaSoft is technical advisory only, especially on the field of general aueronautical information, as my background in this respect is almost 40 years of real world flying in the whole range from private to business and airline operation with some 20'000+ flying hours. After my retirement I worked for another 5 years as database engineer at Lufthansa LIDO, which is the global counterpart of Jeppesen when it comes to Aerial Navigation. Right now I'm retired from flying business for may vears and keep up my involvement with aviation trough Flight Simulation.

      Programming is entirely dony by Urs, who is the owner of AivlaSoft. I will of course gladly forward your kind words to him.

      Thank you again!

  2. Now the profile works, but in my installation the correct is "crj700", (without " ")! I found this information on Server Status, Thank you very much! 

  3. Now the profile works, but in my installation the correct is "crj700", (without " ")! I found this information on Server Status, Thank you very much! 

    1. lonewulf47


      Yes, Ricardo, but be aware that it might well be that at one point MSFS only returns "crj7" instead of "crj700". The reason for this strange behaviour is still unknown to us. One remedy could be that you use both "crj7" and "crj700" in the airfile name list. Multiple entries are allowed here. The only exception is that - for obvious reasons - you must NOT use the same code in different profiles as this will lead to inconsistencies in the indexes.

  4. There is another point, than maybe it possible for you help me: do you have the CRJ 550/700 profile for EFB2? I'm not very experience on flight simulations, and I'm not sure about how to create one! Thanks in advance !
  5. Hy ! Finally it looks working fine now! in fact, there was a incompatible cycles, because the cycle 2106 has different revisions and today, when I started the EFB2 server, it advise me about the new revision of Navigraph cycle 2106, asking me to create a DB! I did this update on EFB DB and now it all looks function okay. I'll restart doing my evaluation, and make contact with you as soon I finish! Thanks a lot for attention!
  6. Hi, thank you in advance for your attention. My first strategy was to import directly using "Simbrief Account ID", was when I noticed the problem of not recognizing some waypoints. After several attempts, including copying and pasting the SImbrief flight plan into the EFBv2 "Copy/Paste" tab, I decided there was no way. So, as a second strategy, I decided to do exactly what you suggested: export the file via "Simbrief Downloader" directly to the folder where the EFB reads the flight plans. The flight plan appears in the "Company Routes" list, but when I select it and proceed using it, the problem returned. I started to think that the problem was an inconsistency in the updating of the EFB charter cycles, with MSFS, Aerosoft CRJ airplanes FMS and Simbrief. Today there was an update of MSFS2020 and navigraph Cycle 2106, now revision 4. I redid the procedure, but the error persists when I import via my Simbrief user. I performed the second strategy, and this time I managed to have the flight plan created in Simbrief, inside EFB v2, considering the efbr archive. The departure procedure from SBGL, UGRO1A via SIDUR was accepted, as suggested by Simbrief, but ARRIVAL, I can't. This is the route: SBGL/15 UGROK1A SIDUR UZ10 EDMUS EDMUS1A SBGR/09L The route (created on Simbrief) is fully understood by the FMS CRJ700 and Navigraph, but not by the EFBv2. I hope this long an detailed explanation helps you understand my problem. Maybe I'm doing something wrong. SBGLSBGR01.efbr
  7. I have the same issue, I'm in the evaluation period but in spite of trying may different ways, I'm not able import flight plan from Simbrief, every time it gives a message 'wrong waypoints". Both are using the same AIRAC cycles (2106 at this moment). By while, the solution for me is create the fpn inside Aivla and recriate on airplane FMS.
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