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  1. I just checked and IVAO also works fine for me. So it seems it's not my reinstalling of xPilot the problem. It seems EFB stopped showing VATSIM for a more universal reason?
  2. Yes, but I don't believe it has to do with that anyways. The issue began after I reinstalled xPilot
  3. Yes, the buttons work properly, and the VATSIM in the status bar is also green. Only they don't show anything when I turn them on. I tried reinstalling both the server and the client, and tried with a flight plan and without, in the simulator and out of it. EDIT: This is how it looks with a loaded flight plan -
  4. Hello, so I have been using EFBv2 for a few months now, with no problems. Yesterday I had an issue with model matching for VATSIM on my XP11, so I reinstalled xPilot to fix it. While it did fix the issue, now in EFBv2 I no longer see the ATC frequencies, stations on the map, or traffic. VATSIM word in the STATUS sidebar is green. Stipan
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