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  1. Hi Urs. @aivlasoft I'll certainly do that. I posted a support file with my original post at the beginning of this thread. Don't know whether that would tell you anything while I wait for it to happen again. Many thanks ...... Don.
  2. @lonewulf47 Hi Oskar. Unfortunately I'm still getting these persistent error messages popping up in the sim. As you can see from the screenshots I've tried "suppressing Active Sky WebApi calls" but it's made no difference. The system icon sits in the tray normally so I can't understand why it suddenly pops up on screen when it sees an error. It seems to be working fine otherwise but ideally I'd like to eliminate these popups somehow as it's ruining the immersion. Appreciate any further advice / suggestions. Many thanks ...... Don.
  3. Thanks for the quick reply Oskar. I've already got it set to "go to tray on startup" and that's how I get rid of it in the sim via the file menu. However on checking this I've noticed that there's a "suppress Active Sky Web API calls" so I'll activate that & see if it makes a difference. I'll report back ....... Don. ( I am using Active Sky with X-Plane ).
  4. This is an old screenshot of the window in question. The EFB continues to work with no problem but the appearance of this popping up when you're in the middle of a flight is distracting and ruins the immersion. Even if the error messages aren't important, is there a way to inhibit the popups. Thanks again ..... Don.
  5. Hi Oskar. It's the server error message box that appears in the simulator ( a smaller version of the one in my post ) This happens every time it detects one of the errors and I have to close it with it's menu. If I'm not explaining it clearly enough I'll try another flight later and screenshot the result. Many thanks ..... Don.
  6. Hi. I'm getting fairly regular error messages which result in them appearing in a large box restricting the cockpit view. Appreciate any advice on what the various messages mean & is there anything I can do to rectify this as it ruins the immersion especially when flying online. Many thanks ..... Don. Server_202108211911.txt.zip
  7. Hi Urs. I'm still getting error messages associated with Vatsim. ( WARNING: Could not download Vatsim transceivers ) I had 3 on the last flight. I don't know how important they are but when they happen they flash up in a box on the screen & totally ruin the immersion. Could you kindly advise and if they're not affecting the flight, is there any way to inhibit the error box? Many thanks ..... Don. serverLogfile.txt Server_202105051409.txt.zip
  8. Hi. I had a couple of error messages pop-up on a flight tonight. I've never had this happen before & appreciate it if someone could explain what the error is and whether it's something wrong on my system that needs attention. Log & screenshot attached. Many thanks .... Don. serverLogfile.txt
  9. Many thanks @aivlasoft, that sounds like it would be a good workable alternative. Best regards ..... Don.
  10. Hi. I'm considering purchasing xEnviro weather engine for XPlane. At the moment I'm using Active Skies (ASXP) which works well with EFB v2. Will I be able to link xEnviro weather reports to the EFB so that airfield metars etc are available in the Aivlasoft EFB. I think it gets it's weather info from NOAA but having searched online I couldn't find a definitive answer to verify that. Many thanks ...... Don.
  11. Apologies if I've got this wrong but I'm sure the zoom ribbon was available in airport view before the recent update. There also seems to be some corrupted text in (pic.1) which I've tried to highlight. Any help/suggestions appreciated Thanks .... Don.
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