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  1. Yes I did it that way too. I did not have anything open while doing this. steps I have done: open Database builder - click on the Xplane database and click Select - Open Server - server shows MSFS at the top(did not change) - click Change button on the right of the server window - it opens Database builder - I click Xplane and the select - it opens Server - Server still shows MSFS. Everything I have done and everything you have said to do does not change the Server from MSFS to Xplane. Yes I am using the correct version of FSUIPC for MSFS, that is not my issue. I am U
  2. I have been using EFB v2 for all my xplane flight and here recently I have been using it for MSFS 2020. Today I tried switching back over to Xplane and I opened the Database builder, select my Xplane DB, click select, is shows that XP is selected. Open EFB2 Server as admin, but it is open to MSFS. Even if I click change and go through that process it STILL will not switch over to XP. I even selected the update simulator tab and that did not work either. So how can I get the server to switch over to my XP and will I be able to switch between the 2?
  3. Is it also possible to differentiate between MSFS traffic and Vatsim Traffic? As you can see EFB shows a lot of traffic at KDEN but VATSIM shows very few. Is there or can there be a way to color different traffic?
  4. Would it be possible to have the rings of airport airspace and the restrictions show up on the map when you click the VFR button in the flight plan. When I fly using the EFB client and I am flying VFR it would be nice to see on the map where and what the restriction are so I do get a deviation from ATC. I can look them up on skyvector and I do to plan my flight path, but isn't that what EFB is for to have everything in one place. Just wondering.
  5. I do integrate the procedures into the FLP but I would like to see the VG show the TOD for the say first "AT" 10000 waypoint. So for example if I could manually put in the 10000 "AT" BLOND then that would be the point that the VG starts at and not the FAF.
  6. So a question to add on to this topic, So to use the APP and SID into KLAL as an example, When flying the BLOND5 and the ILS RWY 9, the VG is set to the first waypoint from the runway which is FLYEN "AT" 1700. The BLOND5 has an "AT" 10000 at waypoint BLOND. I understand that if the restrictions from TOD to, say FLYEN are all "AT or ABOVE" said altitude that your glide is set so you are at or above as you descent to FLYEN 1700, but if the SID has an "AT" 10000 at BLOND shouldn't the VG use that as a VG start so your TOD is not passed BLOND? And is there a way to add it to your Flight plan
  7. Sorry though they got sent direct to support. What I meant by " i am not on vatsim, I am using the A32NX mod. Was that I was not connected to VATSIM, so it would not be reading my aircraft on VATSIM. Server_202101020621.txt.zip Client_202101020621.txt.zip
  8. I do not get the traffic warning any more in Xplane with the last build. However, today I did a flight using the Client and MSFS 2020 and I have the traffic warning the entior flight. I am not on vatsim, I am using the A32NX mod. I read through the above tread and nothing suggested worked. I have 2 screen shot s and I did create a support file. I create a Flight plan through Simbrief and inport it through the client with my Simbrief pilot idea. My callsign is in the info bar on the right and I tried using the ATC soft button on the left. I also tried the TFC filter. Not sure what else
  9. The first folder it auto selects is my Users/hail2/AppData/Roaming/Microsoft. Which is yellowed out and is the folder that has all my office programs in it.
  10. After updating today I tried to create a MSFS Steam database, but after trying to direct it to my MSFS folder, or what I think is what it is looking for, I still have a yellow box and no option to next. I read through the manual and I looked over the forums for any type of help. So now I am asking for help to get EFB v2 build 121 to work with MSFS 2020.
  11. OK, so where can I find "How to configure"
  12. I did check what you posted and yes they are just like your screen shot. I did a flight today and it tracked up until about half way through the flight and then would stop tracking, and then it would jump to where I am and the stop again. Scott F.
  13. I have started having problems with EFB v2 Build 119 not following my flight, It will either start following and then stop following or it will just stay where it started on the map and not track at all. Being NOT a computer person, I have no idea how to solve this issue. Have not had this issue for the pass 12 days in my trial. I have attached screen shots hoping it will help.
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