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  1. It's OK, AivlaSoft EFB is great again My airports are stored under "D:\P3D\World\...". So I commented the line "\World\" then rebuilt the database. \FSAD_Airways\ \FSAD_NamedX\ //\World\ \MyTraffic\ I hope that using folders "...\Scenery\World\..." content will not be an issue 🙄😬 Anyway, LSGG, LIPZ, ecc are all OK now. Thank You Oskar! Great product and great support, it's rare and precious. Didier
  2. Hi Oskar, You're right! I should have begun checking this point! My LSGG addon is found but skipped ("Exclude definition"). 2020-06-27 11:45:25.352 Debug : ++ Found scenery category in: D:\P3D\World\EU\Suisse\Aerosoft Geneva Professional V5\add-on.xml 2020-06-27 11:45:32.379 Debug : #464 add-ons.cfg (ProgramData, SceneryPath) D:\P3D\World\EU\Suisse\Aerosoft Geneva Professional V5\Scenery !! Skipped !! (Exclude definition) In fact all the addons I've placed outside of the "Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v5\" folder are ignored, flagged as "!! Skipped !! (Exclude definition)", including Orbx ones that reside in the "Orbx Main Library".
  3. Thank You Oskar! A few days ago I read some posts about ILS not showing (perhaps the "4264")... The solution to my "ILS problem" was to remove fsAerodata (I first disabled it then uninstalled P3D Content and Scenery then reinstalled them): ILS are now OK. But, I still have incorrect gates and parkings. It's as if EFB was only considering the default P3D gates and parkings... I'm using LSGG from Aerosoft, LIPZ from RFSceneryBuilding (for P3D V5). Didier
  4. Hello, From a "couple of weeks" I'm getting some trouble with EFB : When building the database I see many (a lot of!) "Invalid navaid:" (Server log files are attached to this post) Very often, ILS are not available (for example, at LIPZ, LSGG, LICJ, EBBR, etc) for flight plans but are available in DEP/ARR CDU (and in Little Navmap or Navigraph Charts). Sometimes airport parkings and gate are incorrect (but are correct in P3D and Little Navmap or Navigraph Charts), I attached 2 images of LSGG. I made a fresh install of W10 + P3D V5 HF1 on May, 29th. I started to use EFB v2 for all my flights on May, 30th and was particularly happy with it. I added fsAerodata on June, 17th to try to correct some 1° error on RWYs HDG / ILS courses (with no success). Finally I upgraded my P3D V5 on June, 24th. Unfortunately I don't remember the exact date of the first problem with EFB (I didn't worry thinking they were single cases and not a global problem). Best regards, Didier
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