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  1. Hi Urs, Thank you for the quick answer. Chapter 15 was the only chapter of the manual that I didn't read so far. That explains everything. I can see now that the runway in FSX is indeed misplaced. Maybe I can fix this with Airport Design Editor, I have to read that manual. Regards, Dirk
  2. When I open the Procedures window for LTBY runway 09, the following message is displayed: No procedures available due to missing runway mappings. What exactly is the meaning of this ? According to the latest Navigraph data rwy 09 has an ILS. I checked with the Airport Design Editor but the stock airport LTBY in FSX has no ILS. I added the ILS with the Airport Design Editor and rebuilded the EFB database. But after this , EFB shows still the same message (No procedures available due to missing runway mappings) Is there a way to show this ILS procedure in EFB ? I still use the demo Build #118. Regards, Dirk
  3. Hi Oskar, When I switch off the in-sim text message of ASN, I have no popup messages anymore . So problem is solved. I will definitely buy EFB2, fantastic product. Regards, Dirk
  4. Hi Oskar, Yes, the in-sim text message was switched on. I have switched it off now and will see if the problem still occurs. Dirk
  5. Hi Oskar, It's not always clear which path you have to specify in the Navigraph FMS Data Manager,. The FMS Data Manager has also an option to automatically search for the path but for some products this doesn't work, including EFB V2.0. Then you have to specify the path manually. Dirk
  6. I had also a problem when updating the Navigraph files for the latest AIRAC cycle.. Apparently there is a small bug in the Navigraph FMS Data Manager. If you specify the folder where Navigraph should put the files ( C:\Users\...\Documents\Aivlasoft\EFB2\Server\AIRAC) , Navigraph makes a new folder AIRAC inside this folder and puts the files there which is not correct of course. So you have to specify C:\Users\...\Documents\Aivlasoft\EFB2\Server in the Addon Mappings for Aivlasoft EFB 2.0 in the Navigraph FMS Data Manager and not .C:\Users\...\Documents\Aivlasoft\EFB2\Server\AIRAC Dirk
  7. Hi Oskar, I always minimize the EFB Server before starting FSX.. I don't know if these small popup windows come from Active Sky or from EFB. Because they immediately dissappear, I don't have the time to read what is in the window. It is just a flash, but it causes that the FSX screen goes entirely black for a very short moment, maybe half a second It is certainly related to these Active Sky errors because it doesn't happen when I have no Active Sky errors. Dirk
  8. Hi Urs, I already thought so because I couldn't find anything in the documentation of Active Sky Next about a Web API. But I think that there are still a lot of simmers who use Active Sky Next because it was the only weather product that supported the weather radar of the PMDG 737,747 and 777 when these came out. I don't know what the Webapi is exactly used for in EFB2 because the displayed weather in EFB seems to agree with the weather in FSX even with the errors. One thing I mentioned in the first message is that every time such an error occurs, a popup window is displayed for a very short time which causes a total blank-out of the FSX screen. This is rather annoying so an option to suppress the calls would be very helpful. Kind regards, Dirk
  9. Hi Urs, The only port I can find in the settings is the Radar Data Network port, this is set to 19284. But if I change this, I think the PMDG weather radar will not work anymore. Dirk
  10. Hi Urs, I made a new flight today and I had the error several times . Included are the support files. Regards, Dirk Client_202005191038.txt.zip Server_202005191038.txt.zip
  11. Hi Urs, I checked the version, I have SP5. I want to mention also that these errors dont occur on every flight I make. Sometimes I have no errors at all. I was also thinking if it could have something to do with the radar of the PMDG 747. The radar of the PMDG 747 also uses data from ActiveSky Next. Maybe there is some kind of conflict with the Aivlasoft server. Just a thought. Dirk
  12. During a flight, I receive sometimes the following errors in the Aivlasoft server: Calling ActiveSky WebAPI didn't work Unable to connect to the remote server I don't understand this, because FSX, Active Sky Next and the Aivlasoft server are all on the same pc. The Aivlasoft client is on another pc. Everytime this error occurs, a popup window is displayed for a very short moment but this causes a blank-out of the FSX screen which is rather annoying when you are in the middle of a complicated take-off or landing procedure. What could be the cause of those errors and is there a way to suppress those popup error messages ? I have build # 118 (demo version) Aivlasoft server and client are on different machines. Active Sky Next is Build 6255. Kind regards, Dirk
  13. Thank you for the very quick response. This solved the problem. Dirk
  14. I'm currently trying the demo of EFB V2. I noticed that the map of EBBR is missing runway 02/20 (for FSX). In X-plane it is shown .In EFB V1 it is also shown for FSX. The Database Builder gave no errors or warnings for FSX. I'm using the Aerosoft Mega airport Brussels scenery. Server and client are on same machine.(Build #118) Dirk.
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