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  1. Fantastic, thanks for that. I can only guess it loaded the CJ4 because its the only aircraft I fly
  2. Thanks, I've attached the requested profiles CRJ700.profile.xml CJ4.profile.xml
  3. Hello, I have read through the documents this time and I'm still not able to resolve this. The aircraft profile Cessna CJ4 is loaded when I load the Aerosoft CRJ 700. The correct aircraft (CRJ 700) is listed in the profiles but I've been unable to select it as present loaded aircraft. Any ideas how to do this please.
  4. Nevermind, I read in the manual and I've found it. Thanks anyway
  5. Another help if you please, I'm sure its been covered in the manual which I'm ashamed to say I haven't read. How do I switch off profile-filter please. I find it extremely annoying
  6. I can imagine this being extremely difficult to implement but I was wondering if aivlasoft could possibly be made possibly in VR in anyway. I've become fully spoilt by aivlasoft i cant seem to fly without it and I'm now struggling in VR
  7. Thanks, I've never seen this tab before, I'll try and locate it.
  8. I cant seem to find this option under the aircraft tab
  9. It seems to have been answered on another post. Please ignore
  10. Is there any method to prevent the efb flight plan from affecting the the flight plan in the sim? I've been getting a lot of CTD lately and I suspect fsuipc. I'm hoping I can set somewhere so the flight plan on the efb does not impact that of the sim.
  11. MSFS2020 starts automatically when I start FSUIPC. I'm not sure why but I can't start FSUIPC without it launching MSFS2020 even if its already running
  12. You need fsuipc to use aivlasoft, but no, you don't need the paid version. The free version works well
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