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  1. @lonewulf47 thanks for the reply. so if i understand that correctly: the maker of the scenery has to update the ILS/VOR frq and everything? if yes then the question is answered and my scenery is outdated
  2. hi @aivlasoft thanks for the reply and for moving the topic (my fault i didn't saw the BIG FAT "NOT FOR SUPPORT" sign ) yeah i know the topic and i read it. I have the Navigraph FMS updater and yesterday i update from cycle 2005 to 2006 but the ILS/LOC approach/frequencies are still missing. On the vacc-Austria charts the ILS/LOC are displayed as cat I (or something). i cant figure out whats wrong.
  3. EDIT: Moved to the proper forum by Admin Hi guys i found out a problem with my EFB today. as example when i choose LOWW arrival for rwy 34, which is in real life a cat 1 approach it shows me in the rwy remarks it is cat 3. also it shows me that theres no LOC available for rwy 11 and 16 which is strange since in FSX i have a ILS/DME. i have an addon scenery and in the BGL files the ILS approach is marked as cat 1 but EFB says its cat 3. somebody knows a fix? thanks ~ Alex
  4. oh ok. if its that than nevermind. i mean those painted (for me green and purple) circles arround the gate/parking (see picture).
  5. Yeah there is another scenery.cfg in the main installation folder but its exactly the same as the scenery.cfg in the microsoft\fsx folder. another really (i hope) quick question: how can i remove or change the size of the "gate circles"?
  6. omg. ok solved!! i just delated the local mashes out of the fsx scenery library settings and run database builder again and now its working. It detects my LOWW addon and the scenery.cfg error is gone. lol . Thanks for your help Oskar. keep the blue side up ~ Alex btw: i have in fsx now the error area.152 and area.154 if someone knows what this iss pls contact me ^^
  7. ok so i checked fsx and he sayed. area.130 (local meshes) missing and area.152 (i dont even have this :D)
  8. affirm its double checked 2 folders (LGSA and LOWW) is in FSX\Addon Scenery and in FSX\scenery and every folder contains everything what cames with the download (scenery, textures, ect) Edit: yes for LGSA it works "scenery.cfg D:\Steam Games\steamapps\common\FSX\scenery\LGSA...." < btw same dictionary as LOWW but he cant find this special folder
  9. The main problem i have here is that the EFBv2 client dont want to accept the LOWW addon scenery. But he did it for LGSA. I can clearly see at LGSA that the first directionary is the addon scenery (same as loww) but at LOWW theres only the default one. But i have no clue how to change this. Cheers
  10. Hey Oskar. Of course here it comes! Edit: Wrong .cfg and i double checked the Path. In the database builder the path is "C:\Users\USER\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\FSX" same as my original .cfg scenery.cfg
  11. Hey Guys, I recently installed addon scenery for LOWW but its not showing up in EFBv2 (Database builder). However in FSX the scenery is perfect and activated. I have another addon scenery for LGSA that works perfectly fine. I also get the errors "2020-05-04 10:47:09.755 Error : Value cannot be null.Parameter name: key at System.ThrowHelper.ThrowArgumentNullException(ExceptionArgument argument) at System.Collections.Generic.Dictionary`2.FindEntry(TKey key) at s.s.j.p.d(Boolean A_0, Boolean A_1, g A_2) at s.s.j.p.d(Boolean A_0) 2020-05-04 10:47:09.756 Error : scenery path: " i have no clue what this means. Pls help me fast! i dont know what to do anymore. Cheers ~ Alex dbBuilderLogfile.txt
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