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  1. Thanks for the feedback and checking into this. The explanation makes sense, however, I completed the approach and none of the restrictions were adhered to up until the magenta dot and I was not on a descent path that put me above those restrictions. Apologies for cutting off the sidebar, I do always make sure that I am tracking to the correct waypoint but will make sure to include it in future screenshots.
  2. Hi, First of all thanks for the amazing software. I have a question about the available approaches and vertical guidance. First my setup: Xplane 11 1.41 Navigraph FMS data for all add-ons including EFB v2 (AIRAC 2004) Approaches I am practicing flying an approach into KASE and I noticed the RNAV-F is not available to select as an arrival in EFB. I read on the forums that this was due to Navigraph and other sources not including circling approaches. Is this still a thing as all my add-ons that rely on Navigraph have this as a selectable approach?
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