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  1. Hi Oskar, This is the ORBX Gaya LOWW for P3Dv5. I am not experienced with BGL, but I do see some set as OFF. Here attached is a screenshot of them, let me know which one I should send to investigate. Most gates are there, it's just a few are not, although the static aircrafts are set to OFF. In this case I got surprised with ATC in Vatsim, but did find the gate F37 visually. Thanks for your help.
  2. Hi, I have a similar issue but in P3D, where some parking do not show in EFBv2. Example: F37. Can I use that same file and rename it? (To what?) Or do we have a fix? Thanks!
  3. Hi, I have sent the logs as email as well. Thanks, Chris Solution: Vatsim seem to experience issues with their servers. Got a reply for Aivlasoft team working on the issue. from the logfiles I can see that there were several issues with theVatsim servers. I have now added the URL from the respective server tothe logfile entry so in the future we can at least see which of theservers is causing the problem. I hope it does not happen too oftenbecause it's not something that I could fix on my side.On the Client side I could also find a small 'hick-up' which I have tofix with next update. However I cannot say whether this has an impact onwhat you experienced. But the issue with the Vatsim servers definitelyhas an influence on what you experienced. - Just for your information. Today I got an error report from another EFBuser which also experienced the 503 error. It definitely seems that thiswas a VATSIM server issue. Nevertheless, if it happens again, get backto me.
  4. Hi team, Seing this issue for the first time. Everything works great for around 15 mins, followed by ATC/Radio linked to vatsim disappearing . The only fix for now is to restart EFB. I am not sure what could come into conflict? Or if it can be a Network issue from Vatsim? Screenshots attached. Any suggestions? Thanks! Chris
  5. Probleme solved, thank you! Shoulrd of read the manual again!
  6. Hi, I have just updated the new update for EFB v2. However, this means I can now see myself twice on the map: the Default Aircraft (pink) and my online Aircraft (red) slightly delayed behind. For now this doesn't cause any trouble. but in the future, during group flights or during peaks, it could be confusing. I know this can be tricky as you import the Network info, but would there be any option or work around this? Thank you! Sim: P3D v4.5 Network: Vatsim EFB: v2 current
  7. Hi aivlasoft community, I am half way through the demo and that tool has been so helpful, especially with Vatsim with last minute changes etc... Anyways one thing that I can not figure out yet is the last part of my flight: Is there a way to have the Terminal numbers indicated on the airport map? Without having to look it up online. I got all the gates but don't seem to see in which Terminal they belong to? Thanks Chris
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