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  1. that said if someone wants these profiles, I will gladly make them available to the community! Bombardier Challenger 300.profile.xml DO228.profile.xml FJS Q400 Legacy.profile.xml Fokker F50.profile.xml
  2. Good news ! Everything is working good now ! ;))) 1 : Dash 8 Q400 : I entered wrong OACI code : I used to enter DHD8 instead of DH8D 2 / Fokker F50 ; I don't know what was wrong but it works now ! never the less very thank you for your support and help. I can now fully enjoy Aivlasof Client with all the informations I entered about the aircrafts to plan my flights ! ( MTOW / FOB / Runways limitations and so on ! ) Have a good evening ! Michel
  3. Hi Ionewulf ! Tnx for reply one more time ! Of course, that's really strange. I'm running lastest version of Xplane 11.41 on Windows 10. For all the other aircrafts I have everything is ok... When I created a profile for Do228, no problem. At this time, I wonder wether I will make a new install of Xplane and aircafts. I don't know. I remembered that just before purchasing Aivlasof, I tried the soft in demo mode. Then I 've bought a license, entered serialkey. Do you think this would have a impact ? Never the less I join in attachment some infos if this will help you... Otherwise I will resign myself to using the client without an established profile for these two aircraft. Best regards, Michel. Client_202001161634.txt.zip Server_202001161634.txt.zip
  4. Good morning Ionewulf47 ! Tnx for reply ! I don't really know if I can find a solution to fix this issue...never the less, the most strange thing is the profile are well saved in data base. Yesterday You tried the file I sent and that was ok ; What is really amazing : the files are properly saved ; but when I launch EFB client, the profile is on...and as soon as I connect Xplane, it sets to default profile with a message saying " "No profile yet available for current xxxx aircraft. Default profile ground will be loaded. Please see profile editor and create a profile." I'm like a dog going around in circles trying to bite its tail !! ;))
  5. Good evening Ionewulf, even after restarded the Client after the profile, the probems still remains the same. In attachment logs file if you can check something. Tnx for helping me ! Fokker F50.profile.xml Dash 8 Q 400.profile.xml
  6. Goodday Ionewulf and thak you for reply to my issue. When I follow steps by steps the instructions as mentionned in my first mail for the Dornier 228 for example, I succeded to create a profile for this aircraft. ( see png in attachment ) I only reported the ACIO code as required in instructions and that's ok ! But for the two others, it failed. Secondary I don't know how to open .acf file. May be this would be helpful for my issue to know how to open such files. How can I do this ?
  7. Good morning, I'm looking for Dash 8-400 and Fokker F50 profles ! I tried several times to create them following steps by steps the instructions mentionned in manuals for Xplane restrictions in profile editor. I succeded in creating one for Dornier 228 Carenado but for the two orthers, it failed even going on PlaneMaker to pickup the required infos. Any idea would be helful ! Michel
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