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  1. 😉 tks, problem solved.
  2. I tried to modify the LIMF AFCAD with ADE. I was unable to change the ILS ID of the AFCAD file of the scenario (RFSCENERYBUILDING), so I inserted a new ILS with the correct data (frequency and ID). Now everything works on both EFB and sim, but the "old" ILS cannot be eliminated (or at least I can do it): I don't think it creates problems, however. I attach the updated file, thanks for the help. Davide LIMF_ADEP4_DR_NEW.bgl
  3. Good evening, I also have the ILS problem missing at Turin airport (it's the LIMF product of RFSCENERYBUILDING) ... I have already searched the forum but I have not been able to solve the problem even when working on AFCAD. Any help or solution? Thank you Davide Rosso
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