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  1. Hi Oskar A big thank you for your help! I had a problem with FSGRW and after new installation I was able to check the box "export data". Now it works very well. For Simbrief I changed my login, I created a flight plan and it was loaded without problem in EFB. Thanks again to Oskar and Urs for helping me solve the problems. So I will buy the license to continue to improve on EFB ( sorry for my bad english )
  2. FSGRW generates a "metar.rwx" file at the root of XP11 So I indicated in the server system the path to this file for FSGRW, instead of "current_weather.txt" Now I have the weather that is displayed but the data is different! Below the KJFK weather example: FSGRW: wind 72 ° 4 kt QNH 1031 Metar.rwx: wind 72 ° 4 kt QNH 1031 EFB: wind 330 ° 10 kt QNH 1019 Can it help you? Jean Francois
  3. Thank you for your answers For the 1st point, I replaced the "ç" with a "c" but it did not change anything For the 2nd point: I only have a file named "current_weather.txt" which is in "L: \ FSGRW \ data \ exchange \ common" .This file is dated 03/05/2019 !!!! I did not find the opportunity to create export data. I can only create a weather file at time T. It will not be up to date and has a .cwd extension Do you have an idea ? Thank you Jean Francois
  4. Hello I am finishing the test period of EFB V2 for X-Plane 11, and before buying it I would like to solve two problems if possible 1 °) When I want to connect to Simbrief I have an error message. I can only login on RouteFinder 2 °) When I select FSGlobalWeather as a weather engine I have no information in the windows "Weather"! These are bugs? an option that I configured incorrectly? Can you help me? Thank you
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