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  1. Hello I notice that even my Landing weight for my PMDG B747-400F is under 302t, EFB say I am to heavy. (MLW in red, there is a difference from about 4000kg to my actual Landing weight) What can I do? I also still missing aircraft profiles for the B747-400F, B747-8 and B747-8F. Thank you.
  2. Hello Oskar It was not my intention to blame AivlaSoft, I'm sorry for that. You do a great job with this Software. I just wondering why this happen, because I don`t use addon for LLBG. But thank you anyway Oskar.
  3. Hello In the AivlaSoft Client the RWY03/21 at LLBG is not showing correctly, it should crossing RWY 30/12. Refering Navigraph Chart 10-9 Thank you.
  4. Hello Oscar it is correct that I need TopCat for the Performance calculation on EFB? I have it, but cannot calculate for the 747-8F, because TopCat have this not in his profile, and I cannot create one. Unfortunatly TopCat don`t make any updates since long long time. Happy Easter
  5. Halo Oskar thats perfect. Where did you find this list? I would like to have it for the B747-400 as well. All Gates who I can park. Do you know if there is a list also for other Airports? So I dont have to search in Google Earth where to park my Queen.
  6. Hello Oskar thank you very much for your answer.
  7. Hello In LSZH I can select which Gate I like (for my B747) But I can`t choose any other Gates at Terminal E exept E67 which is normally for the A380. Thank you.
  8. UPDATE! Hello Oskar It`s working now. I had to make another small Update for my LSZH Scenery from Aerosoft. The RWY28 is showing with his full lenght now. Another small problem is with GSX. The new update will switch off a .bgl file. If someone read this post, and need help, he can contact me. Thank you for great support.
  9. Hoi Oskar yes, exactly. I did also run the DbBuilder. But my RWY28 ends just after the crossing from RWY16/34. And I did notice, that when I run DbBuilder the Date from the new Log that I create its not from the actually day, 27.03.2020, but still from 22.03.2020.
  10. Hello Even I did make an update from the new scenery (Databse) EFB don`t show the new Taxiway B going from RWY28 after crossing RWY34 to the right. EFB shows also the RWY28 not in full lenght. Thank you.
  11. Hello Oskar 1.) As I fly online, the ATC tells me which Taxiway I need to take, so my first wishes is, that I can choose the Taxiway in EFB for show me the way. 2.) It is possible also to make the Aircraft as clipart to see my Aircraft as a B747. Like this: Thank you.
  12. Hello as first thank you very much for this great Software. Makes flying mor easy. Is there a wishlist for some add future where can maybe implemented on a next update? If not, how to wish, just via a post? Thank you.
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