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  1. OK thanks - but the altitude indicated in the table is the actual altitude whereas the aircraft tag shows differential altitude
  2. I have been trying to set up the labels for on-line Aircraft. The manual details changing the values in trafficAssignment.txt using the column numbers used in the Traffic Monitor. When I set the Line 2 to include {10} which is shown as the Altitude, what I actually get is the difference between the Aircraft I am flying and the Aircraft I am monitoring. The Altitude/FL is shown in column 10 of the Traffic Monitor with no indication the level difference. Have I missed something Jeff Hall
  3. I don't have a problem showing AI traffic on the map displays - all VATSim traffic maps as it should. My problem is that the Traffic Monitor list in the Server is empty Many thanks Jeff Moved to proper thread by Admin
  4. Hi, I have the same problem with LICB - it's not being recognised by EFB2 when I import a Simbrief Flightplan LIMC-LICB - LICB is recognised by FSX, Simbrief and TopCat thanks Jeff Hall
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