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  1. Hi every one, tonight X-Plane 11 36 was updated to 11.40. All fine with me, but on the other side; I have lost again my Sid's and Star's for certain Airfields. Though I have re made EFB2 DbBuilder again fresh tonight. I'm sure it has changed my Nav Data on my Scenery. I really hope this is the end of X-Plane. Because I can't take it anymore, Really enough.. Every time I'm updating on X-Planes, something weird happened. I really wait for the New FSX, hopefully soon..
  2. Hi Aris and Oscar, what I did, erased scenery_packs.ini, and reinstalled X-Plane 11.36 again. And reset it the Network UDP ports etc. All working fine now. When I did a new dbBuilder it gave me only two errors, (Oops: maybe I've deleted to much) which I'll put on the attach. But all is fine now. And I can live with these 2 errors, until next Navigraph update. Thanks a lot again for your inputs on this. Cheers, dbBuilderLogfile.txt
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    O.K. Oskar, was my fault, I had the "Airport Filter" on, so it didn't show it. EGLC working fine now. Thx a lot..
  4. I was planing a Flight with X-Plane tonight. From EGLC to LSGG. Well, there is non EGLC on Client at all. Though I have, a few days ago updated to new Navigraph (1911). I'll try again, but London City is not in it. There is only 3 Airports: EGLF, EGLJ, EGLL.
  5. Hi Aris, I have exactly same problem. It happened after Navigraph update1911 rev.1. Plus my EB2 Client, won't see anymore Simulator X-Plane.Because I have also added some Plug ins like, xPilot. Obviously I have deleted but I guess whole Data files is changed. And still no go for me. Hope you could resolve your problem. dbBuilderLogfile.txt
  6. I have also used Skydemon. I think it is the best for VFR real Flights and Simulators(X-Plane and FSX etc.).There are millions of Pilots which makes Sightseeing. Wow ..
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