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  1. I was obviously too early. It's gone again. but came back 10 mins later. Real weird.. Erdal
  2. Hi Tinpanva, yeah it took me 3 days long. And last night, it came back again. I really don't know why it is like that. Btw, I am on VPN right now, might it be this problem? Good luck my friend. Erdal
  3. Well, suddenly all is back again. About 2.30 a.m. Swiss time. On the attaches. Erdal
  4. Since yesterday, I can't find anymore QNH. And there is no more Metar/Taf. Erdal
  5. Hi Urs and Oskar(Ionwolf47), that was right, what you guys said. And it is working now. Thank you very much for this one. And wish you a Great , healthy New Year.. Cheers buddies. Erdal
  6. Urs, I checked Navigraph FMS Data Manger, there is a different code, btw they have changed that. I've copied same code, but still it says "Please enter a valid SimBrief etc.. Erdal
  7. Re Hi Urs, I've tried again tonight, had also change my ID and unlocked last Airac 2014. Still no go, this time Aivla's F.Plan asking me: Please enter a valid Simbrief account id. While I am locked with SimBrief but Aivla's soft telling me different problem. Maybe I should change my SimBrief ID's on Aivla's folders, but I don't know where it is? THX..
  8. Hi Urs, with the same ID I could enter again and again. I've tried also right now, yes, ID works perfectly. Btw, yesterday I've made a new F.Plan from LFSB to LSGG, same problem happening. I'll try tonight, and will take some screenshots from it. Happy New Year..
  9. Hi to all, SimBrief can not download anymore the flight plans? I have just installed new Airac 2014 was already before that, the same problem. After updated to 2014, I thought it get better. No, it doesn't. Though, I have deleted twice DB Builder. Still same problem. What I do wrong? The capture is on the attach. Erdal
  10. No, it is not working. I have even installed (VC_redist.86) it is still same song. So I give up. ERDAL
  11. Hi to all, I have installed FSUIPC7. And checked the EFB2 DBbuilder also selected MS2020 as Simulator. But each time, it shows me "FSUIPC7 is not running(on the attach). In same time, Simulator it is not recognized. Though EFB2 is open, and MSFS2020 is selected on DFB2 DBuilder. Even MS2020 is flying A 320 (also on the attach). Does anyone knows what I do wrong. ERDAL
  12. Hi Urs, thx for the reply. last night, I used as an Administrator and it is working again. Weird thing, before it was also used on Admin. Maybe it is because Windows 10 had an update, while now it is working like before. BTW, I'll check the link as you've described. Thx a lot.
  13. Hi Ionewulf47, well with this capture image, my Server would not work at all. Client still waiting for the Server. This is my problem, it is not working anymore. If I minimize the page, it will work. But, it wasn't like this before. Thx for the answer. Erdal
  14. Hi to all, since yesterday I get this on Server Connection. Is it because I have installed the second copy of X-Plane 11 on the same hard disk? Or something else? Thanks for your answers. Erdal
  15. Hi every one, tonight X-Plane 11 36 was updated to 11.40. All fine with me, but on the other side; I have lost again my Sid's and Star's for certain Airfields. Though I have re made EFB2 DbBuilder again fresh tonight. I'm sure it has changed my Nav Data on my Scenery. I really hope this is the end of X-Plane. Because I can't take it anymore, Really enough.. Every time I'm updating on X-Planes, something weird happened. I really wait for the New FSX, hopefully soon..
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