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  1. Not meant to criticize, just inquiring why it was here. Now that I know, am quite satisfied to ignore it in the future Jim
  2. Why when I run the database builder do I get a notification that airport LAFQ has two incidences of Runway 9? There is no such airport in the world to my knowledge and certainly none on my version of P3DV4. It doesn't do any harm, but is annoying. Jim
  3. Resetting the flight plan did nothing for me. The aircraft is flying a direct GPS route to its destination and not the route entered. Jim
  4. Well it looks like I opened the Flight Bag out of order. I was opening the simulator before the EFB server and Client. This is the only difference between opening today and yesterday. Now all the added aircraft are being recognized in the Status and no longer coming out as default. Looks like my problem disappeared. Thank you/ Danke James
  5. I have restarted the Client several times after creation. Yes the aircraft added are in the folders.
  6. OK here are the two files As an added comment I discovered this when making profiles failed several times. James Win 10 (64) P3DV4.5 Server_201907100657.txt.zip Client_201907100656.txt.zip
  7. The folders shown in the snapshot, although they exist, are empty. I have saved a few aircraft under Profiles and have saved over a dozen routes. I don't understand what is going on. James Mitchell Win 10 (64) P3DV4.5
  8. I've looked through the manual and the FAQ but can't find the location of ILS frequencies in the Client. James Win 10, P3DV4.5 Moved to proper thread by Admin
  9. Where does one find the "System Menu"??
  10. That got it working. Now to learn the program. Thank you. Danke! James
  11. It is there but only 0 bytes in size.
  12. Client will not start (best title I can think of) Prepar 3D V4.5, Win 10, TITAN X GPU Server & Client EFB 2.1 Single Machine "free trial" (will purchase if it works). Default Path Just clicked on Client shortcut and it stopped working with error as show in CaptureAVI.jpg James Server_201906201440.txt.zip Client_201906201440.txt.zip
  13. was popup I got using Win 10, P3D V4.5
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