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  1. Right now I am helping test the building of P3DV5 airports and also have P3DV4 loaded for flying. How do I go about switching the database for each version of P3D? Does this happen automatically after one turns on V4 or V5? Do I have to open EFB2 Database Builder every time to select?
  2. Thanks much. Maybe a chance o add a warning next time. A lot were vfr routes
  3. Had to reload EFBV2 and was surprised that all (approximately 500) my flight plans are now missing. Where are they?
  4. OK I changed the add-on cfg as you stated. I cleared EFB from my computer and ran the Server installed OK.. Client installed OK Everything is working well. Vielen dank fuer all ihre hilfe bei diesem problem. I was with NATO and lived in Baden Soellingen from 1972 to 1976. Loved Germany.
  5. You will note that two Simaddons packages are number 0 and 1 as you mentioned above and suggested they be moved to C:\ProgramData add-ons.cfg.bkp.txt Both the scenery.cfg folder and P3D5 are on my computer
  6. Here is the add-ons.cfg. Simaddons assures me " It has nothing to do with Simaddons. For a test delete all inside the file add-ons.cfg and run the EFB stuff new. " I did as suggested and wen I tried to create a new database Next was greyed out add-ons.cfg
  7. OK same original error but got the two files you requested. Also added serverSettings.txt and noted missing hash codes Server_202004281533.txt.zip Client_202004281533.txt.zip serverSettings.txt
  8. Got another error running Supportfiles.exe https://www.dropbox.com/s/rb1mjgm1d9tfuor/ERROR%20EFB2%20LogFiles.JPG?dl=0
  9. I just updated to #117 after uninstalling the Aviva soft Server no problem Ran the DB for P3DV4 - no problem Ran the DB for P3DV5 - problem? Got an error: https://www.dropbox.com/s/yyznz0pis0mcx94/DBV5error.jpj.JPG?dl=0
  10. Well I updated for Version 4 this morning (Version2.1 build #116) and ran it. It has now been loading data bases for 5 minutes and hasn't gotten by airports 0%. Retried ands server reports "Waiting for Server (local) …" Looks like I have to download build #117.
  11. I presently am running both V4 and V5 on the same computer. I believe that I will only be allowed to use my EFB on one or the other because of the differences in Data Bases, is that correct? Thank you James MItchell
  12. Worked here after picking up FSUIPC6. Regarding the database, what if one wants to keep both PVD4.5 and PVD5? Afraid to update at this point.
  13. As soon as I got FSUIPC6 it worked.
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