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  1. Yep you are correct No problem i had a backup of my checklists, so updated this again, and all is working correctly now. Sorry to bother you all.
  2. Hi Oskar I think i will delete all now and start over Now clients on the network are ok but not local. With 2.0 there was not any problem. Will keep you posted
  3. After deinstalling server and reinstall it works again but all selfmade checklist are gone.
  4. I now uninstalled server and reinstall, that helped. System now working again Only now other problem all selfmade checklists are gone. Not very happy with that
  5. Good Day, Have updated client and server to version 2.1 (P3d v 3) Now clients cannot connect anymore on my network. Client on the server pc works fine In the logfile it finds the Ipv4 ip number but it fails to connect, it is waiting waiting waiting.... Anybody has same problem or a solution? Edwin
  6. Hi, Urs, Chips, that was the only thing i did not tried. Feel stupid. Thanls for yr help By the way great software Regards Edwin
  7. Hi, Urs, Apologize if i did not comply to forum rules. Did not receive any rules when i registered. In the image you see a little arrow downward, just above the Next Button There are more items to show. I am aware that i can resize the window, but resized this to show you what I mean. Same happens when the screen is filling up the height ofthe screen Thx Regards Edwin
  8. Hi Maybe I Overlook something, but when i created a checklist with more items than the list can show, i am not able to go down anymore. The arrow on the right of the checklist screen is not clickable. Hope anyone can help. Thx in advance
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