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  1. I am reinstalling my EFB v2 and when I go to on to cleverbridge, enter my email, then enter the verification code and hit enter, it gives me another verification code to type in and this doesn't stop. I am typing the code in correctly but still doesn't. So is cleverbridge broken or something else.
  2. 1) I got the my EFB activated in the end by reinstalling so all is good there but. 2) I used the efb uninstaller it came with because I reinstalled it to make it active. while uninstalling it also deleted files from my desktop and completely removing them from my PC. No clue why as this would happen.
  3. I couldn't figure out how to activate my account with the license. I had been using the free trial but uninstalled it and when uninstalling it, it deleted some of my other files off my PC for no reason. I uninstalled the efb to see if I could get it activated that way. Why has this happened?
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