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  1. Thank you very much for the reply and the explanation - much appreciated! Regards, Scott
  2. Hi Lonewolf47, Thank you for the reply! I looked at the URL that you provided. In there it says " (The default folder is: "C:\Users\<username>\Documents\AivlaSoft\EFB2\Server\License")." I installed the program using the default/suggested locations and that folder is not located there. It is located at My PC\Documents\Aivlasoft\EFB2\Server\License. I don't know it that will make any difference or not. Anyway, it does appear that trying 2 or 3 times, as it states in the posting, the server will eventually launch. Am I correct that if the software is purchased, then the server will no longer attempt to connect to a timer? Regards, Scott
  3. It appears creating a new rule is not a permanent solution (Windows 10). This morning when I attempted to launch the server, I got the same message again. Aivla, is there a fix for this??? Regards, Scott
  4. That's too bad. I'm trying out the demo and would really like to see that feature implemented. Might be a deal breaker for me... Regards, Scott
  5. I think I have it fixed. I went into Windows Firewall and created a new rule for Aivla EFB and port 13. Cheers, Scott
  6. Greetings! Yesterday I downloaded and installed the EFBv2 Server and Client (Client on a networked computer) and flew a flight and was very impressed with the software. However, today, when I attempted to start the server I get an error message to the effect it cannot reach any time server on the internet and to make sure port 13 is configured.....etc. I looked through the FAQ's and attempted the "Bulldog Windows Defender" fix, but I could not get the computer to "like" the settings the poster had in his post. Does anyone have any suggestions? Regards, Scott
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