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  1. Thanks, Oskar. Knew I'd missed something basic. All is fine now and my sincere thanks for your prompt reply. Best regards, Lloyd
  2. I'm trying to get the EFB v2.1 (build #108) client to run on a networked PC (System2) but I can't get it to connect. I have the server running on my main flightsim system ((System1) but the client running on System 2 hangs on "Waiting for server (on computer 'System1'). If I run the client on my main flight sim system, it runs fine. And I can run other programs as networked clients (Plan-G, LittleNavMap and Pilot2ATC ) with no problems. BTW, the two computers are hard-wired to my router. The funny thing is, I set up EFB as a networked client a few months ago with no problems. The problem only appeared recently after rebuilding my System 2 and re-installing the EFB client so I must be missing something this time around in setting up EFB to run in networked mode. I tried temporarily turning off the Windows 10 firewall on both machines but that did not change anything. Also checked on the TCP Port Numbers for Client and Server and to me it looks like they are both set to 51748. Help would be appreciated. The log and support files are attached. Thanks in advance, Lloyd clientLogfile.txt serverLogfile.txt Client_201905101129.txt.zip Server_201905101130.txt.zip
  3. Of course! Makes all kinds of sense and the update procedure has been noted. Many, many thanks. Really appreciate your prompt response. ...Lloyd
  4. Did the update to Version 2.1 (build #206) and now the client hangs on ..........Loading Profiles. Would appreciate any help. Log files attached. Thanks, Lloyd Server_201904231629.txt.zip Client_201904231629.txt.zip
  5. Thanks Oskar. I looked everywhere in Client but never thought to look in Server. Duh! Thanks again Lloyd
  6. Newbie question and sorry if this has been covered.... Eight days left on my demo version of EFB2. Love the product so yesterday I decided to purchase a product key. Problem is, where in EFB2 do I enter the key? Thanks, Lloyd
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