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  1. Hi dear, np at all thx a lot for your support this is what I need, super good! Unfortunately my issues with weather is not solved yet. To avoid that wind become very massive (up to 200 knots) I need to select WX as real weather in EFB client and not ActiveSky. I have already contacted HiFi support and seems that issue is not related to ActiveSky but from some other plugin. For the moment I ll keep Real weather selection in EFB client. Hope to solve this with a future updates. thx br
  2. Hi Urs, thx for your answer. my quyestion was related to automatic upload of flightplan in ActiveSky XP. None of your suggestion seems good for my issue, even deactivation of this funcion in A/C profile. May it s better to show you a little video of what happen. https://youtu.be/jYCogAoXfcM thx a lot
  3. Hi, there are some feature to avoid automatic upload of flightplan in ActiveSky XP? Seems that function create some bugs on my XP weather. Wind become very intense, up to 200 knots and sometimes I get CTD of ActiveSky. This not happen if FP is not auto-loaded in ASXP . thx
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