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  1. Well, after tried uninstall the AS 2.0 Oslo scenery (2nd time), restarted everything, rebuilt the database again (with NO Aerosoft Oslo installed) and with no warning or errors, -THEN start installation again and got NO positve result in EFB2 (even P3D4 show new terminal and stands was there!), and with 2 findings in database - I just wanted to try something new in my frustration... and it works. Otherwice I'm agree with you, I barely use the Migration Tool anymore, but it happens.... especially if I don't find the updated scenery for P3D4... Jarle
  2. Well, after reinstalling on top (using the Migration Tool) my Oslo Gardermoen ENGM in EFB2 is now showing up just like it should, - finally Thx a lot for your help! Jarle
  3. Hi again, Thank you ALL for interesting inputs in this case. I have just now uninstalled Aerosoft Oslo v2.0 from my system and rebuilt the database with no errors at all. The I reinstalled same scenery and get 2 warnings and/or 0 errors! It seems there must be something wrong - somewhere, -pls see attached screenshot. I kindly ask for help for my next step in troubleshooting.... might one of the logfiles help to discover what's wrong? Any other ideas? Jarle
  4. Thanks for clarifying a lot! However, since I also have Aerosoft Mega Airport Oslo 2.0 (v1.13) installed it strange it show up complete different on my screen...but opk - will investigate and perhaps reinstall!
  5. Hi, I guess Henning mean EFB2 are missing the new parking stands in regards to the new terminal. In my opinion some taxiways has been changed (or missing) as well so I suggest EFB2 has to be updated for ENGM... Pls see attached pdf-file! Please correct me if I'm wrong! Jarle EN_AD_2_ENGM_2-3_en.pdf
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