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  1. attached from server PC aswell, thanks steve avery serverLogfile.txt
  2. The remote server constantly connects and reconnects so unsuable, also doesnt connect weather at all, any ideas what I can do to remedy, it just started doing this recently? very odd. Licensed Version FSX-SE edition win 10 on server for FSX sim, win 7 for client Stephen avery lof file attached that shows the issue on remote PC clientLogfile-1 (1).txt
  3. im running the client remotely and it keeps disconnecting and reconnecting every minute?, is there a remedy for this, attached is my log file support. Thanks, Stephe avery Client_202001181249.txt.zip
  4. ok, i think I figured this out, my TCP port in the client settings was different and changed for some reason so I changed it back to the server port and this worked for me its in the client folders under settings>clientsettings then <network> in the txt file....
  5. Yeah me too, just happened this morning and cant resolve after 2 hours!, hopefully someone can update us as to the issue! HAPPY NEW YEAR, STEVE AVERY
  6. HI ATC, is your issue downloading or remote connection...just curious
  7. Ok, all of sudden I can no longer connect to the server on my other PC..very odd, so i tried to download the latest and it is getting stuck on 40% (currently) after trying trying numerous times, is there a website issue going on? thanks, please let me know when I can resume the download and hopefully fix my connection issue, Stephen Avery heres my TXT file, it just wont connect to server on remote PC 2018-12-31 12:33:34.992 Debug : ========== AivlaSoft.Efb.Client started ========== 2018-12-31 12:33:35.129 Debug : CPU = Intel64
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