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  1. Hi, and thanks for the reply on this one. Regarding the Uplink function, I've not tried a manual drag and drop approach into the folder, and had assumed that if the correct path is set up in PATCX, then at a given point in entering details into PATCX, the plan would be automatically saved to that location in a format suitable for EFB v2. Perhaps that aspect needs to be checked with the PATCX guys directly. As for EFB Client/Server sessions on 1 or more PCs, yes that generally works ok for me - I'll often start on main sim PC, then once I am happy with the plan, close down the client on my sim, and use the EFB client on my navigation laptop. I'm pretty glad I moved to v2, and find functions such as visible glide path vs waypoints/altitude really handy. Think I need to do more digging, perhaps with the Pointsoft guys and their forum too :-)
  2. Old thread but I only got into EFB v2 a few months back. I don't know if the approach I am using is just not right but I am not seeing files being saved to the Uplink folder in EFB, from Pro-ATC/X. The correct EFB folder is setup in PATCX, but is this approach affected by running a client/server setup at all? My setup being EFB v2 client and server on my main sim PC (which is convenient for checking runway/SID/STAR details) but once in flight I then use a second PC as EFB client to monitor the flight, and more often than not would then close down the client on the main sim PC to save resources and declutter the desktop. Another detail I'd appreciate guidance on is order of application use. Typically I start planning a flight in SimBrief online, then use the downloader to export that plan in formats suitable for EFB v2, P3D, PMDG. But is there a preferred order where PATCX and EFB v2 are concerned to ensure things stay in sync, post clearance? Thanks in advance!
  3. Hi Urs, thanks for the help. I've emailed the suggested address with my purchase email details and some other info from my Cleverbridge invoice, that I hope will help in tracking down the details. I'm usually quite careful in keeping copies of purchase emails but it looks like this one was overlooked somehow... regards Dave
  4. Hi Oskar thanks for the reply. I just rechecked the serial number shown within EFB v1 "about" and the format is : 8 alphanumeric|4 numeric|4 alphanumeric|4 alphanumeric|12 alphanumeric, totalling 32 chars. Puzzled! Dave
  5. Hi, I'm considering moving from v1 to v2 and checking the offer for discount it references a 31 char serial number. I just checked mine and it's 32. Does this mean as an existing customer I don't qualify for the discount? Thanks in advance Dave
  6. Thanks Oskar, that's perfect and TBH what I was hoping to hear. I'm just a little cautious and prefer to check and prepare ahead of making changes. That said, I am hoping to move to EFB v2 at some point! ☺️ regards Dave
  7. Yes I know EFB v1 is old product to many, but I'm still using it (though coincidentally I started looking more closely at v2 last week) - anyways, I'm just looking for any views as to whether there's any reason v1 should not continue to work with P3D v4.5. I'm on v4.4 right now and that's fine. Thanks in advance. Dave
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