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  1. I have understand this system already years ago, how otherwise EFB would have been able to provide 'online' data for a long time ??? Because I have understand the system, I know what is missing (see my post above). I think the first two points were addressed to me and not to the AIVLA Development Team, sorry. Very interesting, but unfortunately I cannot see how I should be able to get the above mentioned 'definitions file' via the WebEye page. The page source does not contain a complete list of all possible ATC callsigns, nor does it provide the data for the FIR boundaries. Without an API which would allow to extract such data, it's not possible, but maybe I'm just too stupid. Honestly, I didn't understand what webeye had to do with the FIR limit. They keep telling me that the physical limits of FIR are those of AIRAC, but otherwise I don't understand why they are so keen to give clear and easy-going answers to the various developers. Now I will try to run in this topic http://xa.forum.ivao.aero/index.php?topic=216739.0 to see if there are some clearer infomartions about it (it seems that other people are "complaining" about what has been reported)
  2. Hello, Below a new update by IVAO Team: 1) The developers haven't got time to read the forum, because they're still working on the new audio system for IVAO2) If such common person like me (I'm not a developer) is able to find out and understand how this system works - that means every is able, it's only question of time and patience.3) You can say to AIVLA that everything including required databases is available on https://webeye.ivao.aero page,and login to the Webeye page is not necessary (in general it gives access to Friends list and Settings),The AIVLA guys are professional developers, so I think - the code analyzing and data extraction take them lesser time then me.
  3. On the IVAo forum, they answered me like this when I asked where can I find these definition file updated: "Info about controllers online is available to get in whazzup file: http://api.ivao.aero/getdata/whazzup/whazzup.txtWhen you know that given controller is online => the program should display the highlighted FIR boundary.But boundary are not available via whazzup file. For example they can be easily taken from AIRAC files and display on the map window.That's all about this "problem".So, I still don't understand what is the problem you are writing about- with the reading/converting the FIR boundaries from AIRAC files?Or with something else?Regards,Piotr[/edit]Maybe you are looking for these data: http://xa.forum.ivao.aero/index.php?topic=216739.0 ? [/edit]"
  4. Thanks I have added the Webeye in the previous post. So there is no solution to my "problem"?
  5. Hi, I only see aerospace the moment I start the EFB. If a controller connects after starting EFB, I don't see this controller anywhere. See the image in this link (I always have problems inserting the second attachment) https://we.tl/t-VIwGgZBwSM
  6. See attached. Thanks Server_202003111819.txt.zip Client_202003111819.txt.zip
  7. Hello attached the support file. The server file have a problem with the upload, for the size. This is the link for download the files from WeTransfer https://we.tl/t-FcH1U3ucGs Client_202003111810.txt.zip
  8. That's right, I don't see FIR boundaries. It never updates. I only see the boundaries that are active at the time I start EFB2. In what sense on the radio panel?
  9. Hello, sorry I don't know because the post has been published in Italian, sorry. I am having some problems with IVAO. I never see where the control area ends up if it enters a controller after EFB2 intervenes. What should I do? Also, how can I get the frequencies that the IVAO controller are tuned to on the EFB2 client? Davide
  10. Sto riscontrando alcuni problemi con IVAO. Non vedo mai dove finisce l'area di controllo se entra un controller dopo l'avvio di EFB2. Cosa dovrei fare? Inoltre, come posso ottenere le frequenze su cui i controller IVAO sono sintonizzati sul client EFB2?
  11. Hello Oskar, So are you telling me, that they use P3D default airports, are not alienated with updated airacs? If I look at Google Maps the 23-L runway exists but on my sim no. How should I update this? Thanks
  12. Hello, I'm flying from LTBA to HECA. For the departure everything is ok. But for the landing there is something that does not come back to me: PRO ATC X indicates to me as possible landing runway the 23-L I see in the MCDU of my A321 and the runway 23-L is ok. But in the EFB the only runway available is 23-C. Could you tell me where is the error? I created a new database and never changes anything. Also on other airports gave me this problem. I use P3d v4.4 and I have airacs updated to 1902. Thanks Davide
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