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  1. Hi, I have my efb server and client on the same machine. I also run another client on my surface to remotely monitor the flight. But now I am getting an input string error, that is forcing me to uninstall and then reinstall the client. It also happens on my surface where the client will not load. I tried to screen capture the error but the file is too large. It reads: Input string was not in a correct format. at System.Number.StringtoNumber(String,st,Number styles option, NumberBuffer& number, NumberFormatInfo info, Boolean parseDecimal) at SystemNumber.Pareseint32(string s, NumberStyles style, NumberFormat info) at f.y.r.g.w(String A_0) at f.y.r.g.ycn(String A_0, String A_1, f A_2, String A_3) at f.f.y.fc.p() Is there something I'm missing here? I never had problems with the previous installations and now every time I go to launch the client I have no option but to uninstall and reinstall. Help! Steve
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