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  1. I write the flight plan, loads perfect, but on flight I want to change something in the route and try to open the current flight plan does not and unable to change nothing. Any ideas of what I doing wrong? Thanks in advance for your answer Ruben
  2. Thanks for your answer, I´ll try to explain better, I start the program, first client and data base, it is loaded and runing, then write the flight plan and loads ok, now I want to introduce in the plan SI and STAR, and happens when I try to open the "PROC" label nothing happens, does not open and unable to establish the procedures in departure and arrival. I meant with sudenly, that until two days ago I was able to load SID and STAR without problems, and on next day I could not. As said rebuilded data base but nothing. Unfortunately I am unable to provide a screenshot of the PROC label, if you mean the screen after a flight plan is loaded please le let me know. Again many thanks for the help, I enjoy the program and is very usefull. Ruben
  3. Until now I was able to open procedures and select acordingly, but suddenly it does not open the PROC the rest is all operative. I rebuided data base. Any ideas? Thanks in advance
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