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  1. Hi,

    I run EFB V2 and the other day I was at Calgary airport (CYYC) and the ATC instructed me to depart from runway 35R. Surprisingly, this runway is not on the Aivlasoft plate, all the other rnwys are there.  This runway exist since many years. Is there a reason why it's not showing up on the screen? Is it possible this situation occurs on other airports?

    Is it possible to update the program in order to be able to see the rnwy 17L/35R? 




  2. Hi, I bought EFB2 recently. When flying on FFS2Play with other pilots, I don't see them on the map.  AivlaSoft is installed on the same computer of the Simulator and FFS2Play.  

    I'm on Windows 10 - Simulator: P3Dv4.5.

    Is someone can help solving this issue?



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