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  1. Hi, I did what you have suggested and now it's working with FFS2Play. Thanks for your support, Jacques
  2. FFS2Play is a network for pilots that works like Vatsim but without controlers. Here's the link: https://ffs2play.fr/en/ One of my friend has the previous version of Aivlasoft and it works very well with FFS2Play. I forgot to mention that I also have the updated version of FSUIPC for P3D v4.5.
  3. Hi, I bought EFB2 recently. When flying on FFS2Play with other pilots, I don't see them on the map. AivlaSoft is installed on the same computer of the Simulator and FFS2Play. I'm on Windows 10 - Simulator: P3Dv4.5. Is someone can help solving this issue? Regards, Jacques
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