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  1. Done all that, still estimated download time of 2 days! Work around: remote login at my work PC (downloaded in 40 sec:)), transfer to my private cloudserver, get it from there. Complicated, but it works...
  2. Firefox, opera, chrome all the same, terribly slow. My speedchecks indicate 25-30 Mbps, now other processes in the back, no one else in this network using data transfer, still only get few kBps. Sure you have no speed restrictions? Or massive use of datatransfer going on?
  3. Unfortunatly not any better this evening. Download speeds go back to bites/s, than is crashes. Try again tomorrow. By the way, speedchecks on the internet and other downloads are all normal. Is ftp possible or wget?
  4. Today several attempts failed to download the server and client on multiple PC. I would like to evaluate the software trial version> Any network issues with the server?
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