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  1. Oh my yes I used to use that many moons ago in FSX thanks for the reminder I have installed and happy you have saved the day many thanks guys.
  2. Ah I see yes that was the problem I have now totally removed all files associated with fsAerodata and reinstalled P3D and rebuilt EFB database and all is good however, and this is my personal opinion and I appreciate your help but now I am left with a dilemma what has nothing to do with the fantastic support and I love your product it has been a must have for me but now I have to decide which program to use now? As I am so used to them working in harmony now I have to make a choice stop using EFB and going back to 100% use of charts or stop using fsAerodata and have a totally messed up simulator experience wrong nav aids and runways ect P3D4.5 is not good without fsAerodata ILS approaches are pretty much unplayable without it at my favourite airports I am going to probably have to quit using EFB in my opinion which is a shame because it makes using airports so much easier. Thanks for you're help.
  3. Server_202005071745.txt.zip Client_202005071745.txt.zip
  4. I am using P3Dv4.5 I just updated to #118 and all the airports are suddenly missing after updating I selected the database on request checked update navdata and update simulator was selected and scanned then started the server then client but still no airports I even reinstalled same problem no airports but the flight plan is loading but can't see the airport even using airport / find / ICAO code the airport shows up but when selected no airport is visible was fine before the update never had an issue with the software in all the years I have been using it any help would be appreciated with thanks.
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