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  1. HI Jacques, if your using the default P3D scenery of CYYC, perhaps downloading and installing this freeware version of CYYC scenery from AVSIM Library will fix your problem. Here is the link: https://library.avsim.net/esearch.php?DLID=197529&CatID=p3dscen You will have to register if your not already a member of AVSIM. Its free. Regards, Mario Richard
  2. HI Guys, I just want to say that I had the exact same problem and the CYUL_FT.bgl that you posted Oskar as a fix, really did fixed it for me. Thanks again! Mario Richard Windows 10 P3D v3.4 EFB2
  3. HI Guys, I have solved my problem. It looked like my AI scenery files were in double. It was my fault. I put the AI scenery path in a add-ons.xml file that I had created and also loaded the AI scenery in the P3D scenery Library. I removed the path in the add-ons.xml file and voila! I love EFB2 and Thank you for your hard work guys! EFB2 is the best! Mario
  4. Windows7 64 bit; Prepare3d v3.4; ORBX GLOBAL and VECTOR; Activesky Next; EFB2 server is located on the flightsim computer; EFB2 client is on a remote computer. HI, I decided to reinstall My traffic Prfessional 6 after having not using it for a couple of years. I installed it on another hard drive and It worked great. Until I have noticed that inside the simulator all the AIs are sitting axactly at their gates and my own aircraft also but when looking at the EFB2 Client map, all the aircrafts are OFF their respectual locations including my own aircraft. Here I would post a picture of what is going but I can't because of size restriction. Could someone help me to fix this please. Thank you. Regards, Mario Richard Client_201912062030.txt.zip
  5. Oscar, I just installed the new update and the problem is also solved. Thanks for your hard work and most excellent support! Regards, Mario
  6. HI Oscar, Thank you for looking this up for us. Its appreciated. Best Regards, Mario
  7. If I may add, EFB2 is installed on a remote computer. Thanks. Mario
  8. HI Guys, I too have the same exact problem since the last update. Took the sound off. The essror message in the server log file is still there but no sound. EFB2 seem to wrk ok. Thanks! P3D v3.4 on windows 7 64 bit; EFB v2 on a remote computer; ORBX Global and Vector; Mario Richard
  9. HI Oscar, LOL!... I'm retired too and everyday is a weekend day for me. Happy retirement, Good health and enjoy life my friend. Mario
  10. HI Oscar, thank you again for taking the time to help me. I will check evrything and see if I can solve the scenery.cfg file problem. Thanks again for your time especially on a Sunday. Best Regards, Mario
  11. ok sorry, there it is. Thank you! Server_201902171403.txt.zip
  12. Sorry I don't see how I can do that. I'm running the server now but there are no server support file option?
  13. HI Lonewulf47, here is the support file. Thanks.Client_201902171328.txt
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