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  1. Deleted by Admin -> Non pertinent continuation of this thread. Nothing new was added <-
  2. Because it's a simulation i want to fly as i want. So i have the plan from the beginning and if VoxAtc tell me a different sid/star then i put mine. I didn't buy twice EFB just to see my plane moving on the map! If you don't want to do it fine but there will be no 3rd time spending my money to you.
  3. Because Simbrief don't have sids and stars. So i must make a simple flight plan in Simbrief and then to import it in EFB and add sids and stars and then copy to Simbrief and then export to PMDG! Sweet huh?
  4. ...so i will make a new flight plan with EFB (i don't like other flight planners) and then i will open Simbrief to copy it there and then donwloaded to Pmdg etc...hmmm... It's like i must fly from point A to point B and must make a landing to point C between them! Why?? Please listen the needs from your dedicated customers! So many years i work with your program and only now i open an account here in support forum because i never had an issue!
  5. So why a free flight planner like Simbrief exports to other formats and a program of 50 euros not have this? I hope in a next update to include this feature.
  6. I was so happy with EFB v1 and i go right away to purchase EFB v2. To my great surprise i noticed that my money spent for nothing as i used it mostly for flighplanning and exported to PMDG, Aerosoft Airbus, FSX, etc. Now what? Am i going to purchase another flight plan program to export the flight plans of EFB there?? I'm VERY disappointed.
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