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  1. Thanks for that reply. That answers it all for me. Will continue using my EFBv2 and despite my infant rumblings, initially, mainly because I was a noob, works beautifully now
  2. Just a small question, now that I have EFBv2 fully functioning correctly,and credit where credit is due, doing a fantastic job. Well Done AivlaSoft. Out of curiosity sakes, can the ground chart be imported or exported whichever the case maybe, into the PMDG 747-8i EFB display? If not seems I may have to up my Subscription to Navigraph and get the charts as well.
  3. This is what my PFPX reports itself as. And that is the latest file as downloaded from FlightSimSoft. Odd, this time, on a different route, again, created by PFPX, EFB this time does display the routing in a different PMDG aircraft, the 737-700. I changed nothing between the last flight and this
  4. KSDFEDDF01.efbr Direct Uplink in EFB or in the PMDG 747-400 FMC? The 747-400 uses ACARS, so the it uploads a link from it to the FMC, which is the recommended method, and has worked very successfully for every single PFPX-created flightplan.
  5. Wanted to try my newly-bought FSDT's KSDF(Louisville), a cargo hub, in the PMDG 747-400F Atlas Air repaint, headed for Frankfurt(EDDF). What was wrong with selecting those two departing and arrival airports? Hence, chose PFPX to find me a flightplan, which it did, which I used in PMDG aircraft with no issues, except in EFB
  6. Ray, why is this happening yet again? I create a route with PFPX, I save it, it gets saved in the EFB2/Client/Routes folder, where KSDFEDDF01.ebr is clearly saved, yet, EFBv2 Client cannot display it when I try to enter that FPL/Company Routes, etc. Then when I do Internet via Route Finder, guess what? It will not accept the route because of of NAT track nonsense> This EFBv2 is driving me up the wall! 10% of the time it works, the other 90% it clearly does not.
  7. Yes, I was shocked, Ray as I only paid €25.08 last year and now it's shot up to €31.08. Quite a jump. Thought as a returning customer I may get some sort of discount. Doubt I will be renewing again if they keep hiking the Subscription each year.
  8. Hi Ray, now that you have broken down the Navigraph subscriptions costs so lucidly, it now makes a great deal of sense. It's not like I am going to be starving for the lack of £2/month. For some obscure reason I had it in my ageing brain-cells it was like £10-20, or €10-€20/month, or circa £200, etc. Deal. Am now going to re-subscribe to Navigraph. You've always been a voice of logic, reason. Thanks, Ray
  9. Fair point, Ray, but I remember the days when there was no Navigraph, Aerodata, etc, and sims ran perfectly. Even today, a sim plane can be flown from point A to point B without necessarily a subscription to this and that. If I were to calculate balancing the costs of a repeated monthly subscription to Navigraph/Aerodata/et al as against a one-off piece of software like EFBv2 and then completely binning it never to use again, the ditching EFB, PFPX, etc is a far more economical sense.
  10. Mia Culpa, Mia Culpa! After I had configured PFPX to export to the correct EFBv2 Client/Routes folder, at last, I got a PFPX-created flightplan to use in conjunction with the PMDG's FMC on a routing UK2000 EGCC to FSDT LSZH. Thanks to the assists I have had here to get me there despite my occasional narky-ness. And BTW, my Airac is current too, but I will think about resurrecting my Navigraph subscription. It's just such an on-going expense. I don't have to buy a new sim every month Now I feel I can fully enjoy EFBv2 as much as I enjoyed v1, if not better as I worked my way around the software.
  11. Thanks to both as I gave up my subscription to Navigraph that I was not using as I had been cheesed-off with the flightsim scenario by then, so saw no point in shelling out every month to a developer whose products I did not use. Will try your efbr, Ray. Thanks.
  12. So, Ray, as you state, PFPX Flightplanner works fine with EFBv2? Then perhaps you can shed light why this crops up despite me having created a PFPX Flighplan and exported it to the correct folder? As per the PFPX generated Flightplan, the Origin ICAO is plainly clear to see in the attached image, yet, EFBv2 does not want to know. So, in EFB's FPL, which Origin ICAO code does it want? For the vast number of years I have used flightsims, to me a 4-letter ICAO code was precisely that, a 4-letter code. So, does EFBv2 do things differently?
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