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  1. Hi Oskar Apologies for delay in getting back to you. My PCs are correctly networked (see attached taken from the Master PC). You can clearly see that I do in fact have networked drives and not mounted drives. I have additionally checked with my PC builder to ensure I have my facts correct. As previously explained (and for the benefit of Patrick who has also responded), the EFB Server use of the Windows 10 (latest version) File Explorer does not see the networked drives whereas using windows 10 File Explorer outside of the EFB server does see the networked drives. Patrick seems to have an initial solution but I would rather not rollback my windows 10 version. Is it likely that Aivlasoft will eventually resolve this or are there other avenues to explore please? Thank you Trevor
  2. Hi Oskar I can access the slave PC via the normal windows file explorer - see second caption which shows the word 'slave' near the bottom left. However when I use the EFB Server file explorer, the 'slave' paths do not show. I am therefore assuming it is something to do with the EFB server file explorer - see first caption of the two? Thank you. Trevor
  3. Hi Oskar Sorry but I probably did not explain enough. The Client and Server are talking and so the Client is working fine over the network. However I was trying to point the server to Active Sky which is on the Slave PC but as you can see from the attached the paths to it are not showing. This is only happening with EFB because when I use the normal Windows 10 file manager, the paths to my slave PC do show (see other attachment). Hope this is a bit clearer. Thank you Trevor
  4. Hi I have got an issue where the server is not seeing my network. I have browsed the server manual and according to it, I should see under the server settings the following: TCP network IP address any 'Change' Port Number XYX My problem is that the line IP address any 'Change' does not show. Do you have a resolution to this problem please. Thank You Trevor
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