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  1. OK its sorted. Excellent!! Thank you for your assistance 😊
  2. OK thanks. I will do as you suggest tomorrow. Thanks again..
  3. Yes this file exists in the folder you mention and also in the folder flight simulator x files
  4. Try this one Server_201906121828.txt.zip
  5. Hope this is the correct file serverLogfile.txt
  6. EFB inserts the waypoint automatically irrespective of whether there is already a loaded flightplan or not. For example there is no flightplan loaded in the sim and i click on airports in EFB and select EGHE and then PROC and arrivals then select the relevant runway and RWY ext-3, SET FPL and it gets inserted into the SIM GPS with the erroneous mileage. Also if an a/c has an FMC it is not affected by the issue, for example aerosoft airbus or PMDG etc
  7. Yes the sim is running. The a/c is positioned at departure airport Herewith 2 screenshots of EFB2 as requested plus 1 screenshot of FSX showing GPS with mileage to waypoint. Thanks
  8. Will send asap. need to go out for a while. Thanks for your help so far.
  9. Yes wpt=1 shows a mileage in excess of 4000nm in the simulator gps. This does not occur if using P3DV4
  10. Hi, Thank you for your reply. Attached is a copy of the flightplan. It appears to reveal nothing peculiar. However the Garmin GPS on the aircraft (any aircraft) shows the first waypoint as 20XT3 (which is the 3 mile runway extension from the destination arrival runway) at a distance pf 4182.84 NM, when it should be approx 25NM. I'm using Navigraph current cycle. Also without a flightplan, If I insert this 20XT3 runway extension directly from EFB, I get the same result. This will occur at any airport, not just the one in the example. EGHCEGHE01.efbr
  11. When creating a flight plan in EFB2 for FSX-SE, for example a simple plan from EGHC to EGHE a distance of about 25 miles, EFB inserts a waypoint 20xT3 at a distance of 4182.84 miles instead of approx 25 miles. This will occur on any given route, not only this one. Any clues about this please? BTW this does not occur in P3dV4
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