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  1. Also, after the database is created, apparently successfully, the tab for Update Simulator works find (do I need to press "start scanning" from that page?), the page from Update Navdata opens fine (don't think I need to import / update this if it's already there?), but when I click on Enhance / Update Runways it crashes and I get the following (see image) error message. I have makerwys.exe and lorby both in the main p3d v4.4 directory. I have also run makerwys independently and it does create the file as usual. Any help or ideas here...I'm stumped. Server_201903121743.txt.zip
  2. Reinstalled, still same errordbBuilderLogfile.txtserverLogfile.txt. Attaching log files...
  3. Hi Urs, Another question--is there a particular place the DB/server app needs to be installed to? (Eg. same drive as P3d? Same drive as Windows?) Thanks, Alex
  4. Hi Urs, Thanks for the response. Okay, well I've tried uninstalling / reinstalling but the same issue arises. Are there any screengrabs or other types of log file I can send or a test I could try to help you identify more specifically what is going on? Thank you, Alex
  5. Hi there, Running p3dv4.4, latest EFB v2 (downloaded server version from your site today). Can complete installation and run db but then there are errors. Attaching support documents. When I run the server it gives me a database error and closes. Server_201903121743.txt.zip Please advise, thank you!
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