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  1. Hi, Would it be possible to put the runway slope % on the Dep / Arr page, under the weather tab next to the runway length? Helps massively when planning take offs using A320. Thanks
  2. Hi, Sorry changed my name now - sorry about that! Thanks for the quick reply. In regards to topic 1 - I agree, but I like the quick tabs at the side of the screen. Using AI utilities such as UTL, I like to see whats in the surrounding area before take off / landing as you know that we still have major issues in P3D with AI not acting realistically with ATC. In regards to point 2 - Agreed however, we don't always have online presence and if using AI, it would be nice to see if the airline you are flying with has an allocated gate that is available. Back to memorizing countries it is then! John
  3. Hi, Love the product - hardly fly without it these days. I have a few suggestions which would be nice to see implemented: 1. When Sid / Star has been selected, each time you enter the DEP or ARR tab, the PROC menu always appears. Is it possible once a SID / STAR has been added to the flightplan that this doesnt appear? I know it's not a big deal to close but as it takes up half the screen, it can be a bit annoying. 2. As EFB reads the AFCAD, would it be possible to be able to see the delegated gates in the 'Taxi in' menu for that airline? Maybe a filter button as the airline is entered in the FPL menu. This would make integrating with GSX on arrival 10 times better and more lifelike. 3. I've said it before but maybe have countries labelled on the map - I know there is cities but would be good for those long hauls to see what country you are over without having to check a world map / cities! Thanks
  4. Hi, I was wondering if there was a way that you could have a colour and label for individual countries like you have done with the cities. When passing through countries in Africa and Europe, it would be great to easily see where you were. Thanks
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