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  1. Hello, Since I updated EFB V2 I can't see ILS approaches for some airports I fly to, for example EHRD and EHGG. These airports have an ILS approach but I can not see these approaches in EFB V2 any more. In EFB V1 these ILS approaches still show up correct.
  2. Hello, Im using the trail version of EFB V2. Really loving it but one thing is holding me back from buying. Is there a way to bring up the displayunit to the front with only a shortcut key? Like there is in EFB V1? So I don’t have to move my mouse to the bottom of the screen and select the displayunit from there, then clicking it away with my mouse? I fly in full screen so I don’t want the programs to be visible on the bottom of my screen. I like the way this was done in EFB v1 with one shortcut key to bring up the displayunit and a shortcut key to send it to the back again… Regards Michiel
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