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  1. I have done an re installation and for now the EFB v2 perform as I demand. Thank´s for helping!
  2. Sorry, I´m not interest to here about what you think or if the profile shows wrong value. I just search a correct answer. Pleas, respect that.
  3. Hi! I have try to set a std aircraft in "Settings" and in "Profiles Editor" but every time when I open the Client I get a message telling me that there are no profile for A319. I have create a profile and I have set the A319 as default. Nothing helps. What is wrong in my operation of the EFB? See added files.
  4. Ok! I´m use to SimBrief so I stay there for the moment.
  5. Thank´s! I will open the program! Do you use the "COPY/PASTE" option in the Client?
  6. The RouteFinder is a busy place with, often, to many user at the same time=no Internet-route to the EFB. Is it possible to use SimBrief instead for RouteFinder to upload flight-plan to EFB Client? This issue is not a big deal so please keep it small?‍♂️
  7. Vielen Dank für Ihre Antwort! What happen if I remove the CL? In P3D when I select EKCH only rwy 4R appears and GSX "Follow Me" service can only take me to rwy 4R.
  8. Thank´for a creative answer! I will check the FlyTampa forum?
  9. I use FlyTampa EKCH add-on and I don't know anything about BGL files. I do not care about responsibility or not. I´m interest to get thing works, nothing else. How do I solve the issue I have in this particular case?
  10. Hi! At EKCH (CPH) runways 12 and 30 is missing In AivlaSoft EFB Client. I can only find rwy 22L, 22R, 04L, 04R. Maybe I´m blind. The added files comes från my Navigraph and AivlaSoft account.
  11. Scott, have you remove the outdated AIRAC 1802 or 1801? The std inbuilt AIRAC in the database. If yes do as i did: uninstal and then instal EFB and don't remove the std AIRAC, just build the new 1807 beside. For me it works.
  12. Hi! When I try to start the server i get an error message. After installation the server starts as supposed but it start only one time. At the second attempt to start the server failed. P3Dv4.3. Navigraph Airac 1807
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