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  1. Sorry translation mistake by me: Not another / i mean to an other PC. LOL. I uninstalled it and Moved ist to the other pc. Ist Works problem solved… the above sentence indicated that we were talking about two different problems. LOL a lot time wastet for nothing…
  2. Ok , i don‘t use this Pc anymore for flying ( He is to small for the actual sim) i have to buy a new key and the old key is unusable?
  3. Hi everyone i‘m using 3 Pc. one PC is my Server Pc with Aivlasoft and i‘m using two other pc with the simulator MSFS and P3D. Know i tried two Switch my Aivlasoft two the second pc. But i recieved a message „this licence is Not valid for this machine“ how can i Switch my licence to the other machine? Moved to proper forum by Admin
  4. Ok thanks for answer, i will buy another licence.
  5. Thats my problem, i hope i`m in accordance with the licence agreement. In the past i`m using the old EFB Ver1.xx with FSX at a PC and one EFB Ver. 2.xx with P3D at another PC. Both configuration are at different Pc`s I can never use both together. Afte a complete new installation of my FSX configuration a switched my config two EFB Ver. 2.xx with the same key. In accordance with the licence policy i can use it with multiple pc under one condition: Its necessary to deactivate the licence from the other Pc at this time. But i can`t find a option, to deactivate the licence for a specific PC. I`m willing to buy another licence, but the reminder of cleverbridge show only my second bought key in June 2018. The other key that i need for a discount is not listed by cleverbridge. I bought the Ver. 1.xxx some years ago. My question: Can i`use the key for both PC`s if i`m not using they at the same time (Multiple using of PC at the same time its not possibel). .
  6. Hallo, Vielleicht habe ich gar kein Problem, sondern verstehe nur etwas falsch: Nach der Installation von EFB Client und deren Aktivierung kam die Meldung, das dieses Programm auf mehreren PC`s installiert ist. Das kann mittlerweile sogar stimmen, denn ich besitze insg. 4 PC welche ich in den letzten 10 Tagen alle "frisch" gemacht habe in zwei Netzwerken. Diese Netzwerke werden ausschjließlich durch mich genutzt und können daher niemals zeitgelich genutzt werden. Muss ich jetzt eine zweite Lizenz erwerben? Was passiert mit den "alten" Registrierungen auf meinen PC`s bevor ioch diese frisch gemacht habe. Werden dies Regs gelöscht? Bei P3D passiert das via Deinstallationsroutine. Wie ist das bei dem EFB?
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